Thursday, July 31, 2014

Classic Summer Songs: "The Girl From Ipanema" by Getz/GIlberto

We featured Golden Earring's great rocker "Radar Love" yesterday in our series.  Today, we prove our versatility with this gem from Stan Getz & Joao Gilberto.  Although she had never sung a note on record, Gilberto's wife Astrud was asked to sing the English lyrics.  You would never know Astrud had never recorded before from her performance.

Antonio Carlos Jobim wrote the incredible music, with Vinicius de Moraes writing the lyrics in Portugese.  Producer Norman Gimbel wrote the English lyrics.

Jobim and Moraes were inspired to write the song when the observed a young Brazilian girl with a bikini who regularly walked past the Veloso bar that they frequented.  Ipanema is now a fashionable district in Rio de Janeiro--it was just another stretch of beach until this song came out.

"The Girl From Ipanema" is the second-most recorded song of all-time, right after "Yesterday" by the Beatles.  In 2004, it was one of 50 songs chosen that year by the Library of Congress to be included in the National Recording Registry.

Getz & Gilberto captured three Grammy Awards, including Record of the Year, for "The Girl From Ipanema", a Classic Summer Song* from the Summer of 1963.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

The Top "Magic Songs" of the Rock Era

There are three pretty big songs titled "Magic" (by Olivia Newton-John, the Cars, and Pilot), and in pondering those songs and the subject of magic, we quickly thought of many others.  There are numerous others other than the ones listed in this four-part series, but these are the biggest songs of the Rock Era that broach the topics of magic and spells, etc.:


"(You've Got) The Magic Touch"


Steve Miller Band

"And She Was"
Talking Heads

"Angie Baby"
Helen Reddy

"Black Magic Woman"

"Cloak Of Elvenkind"
Marcy Playground

"Could It Be Magic"
Barry Manilow

"Dark Horse"
Katy Perry

"Dark Lady"

"Devil Woman"

The Top "Magic Songs" of the Rock Era, Part Two

We continue with more of the top songs of the Rock Era dealing with magic:

"Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic"

"The Grand Illusion"


"Hocus Pocus"

"I Put A Spell On You"
Creedence Clearwater Revival

"I Ran (So Far Away)"
A Flock of Seagulls


"Love Potion No. 9"
"Love Sex Magic"