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Lineup History: Doobie Brothers

This great San Francisco act has had two distinct sounds, the drum and rhythm-based early years, then the keyboard R&B sound influenced by Michael McDonald in the latter part of the 70's.  The group disbanded from 1982-1987 before getting back together.  Here is the Lineup History of the Doobie Brothers:

Tom Johnson on guitars, keyboards, harmonical and lead vocals from 1970-1977.  He rejoined the group in 1987 and is still with them today.
Patrick Simmons on guitars, banjo and flute from 1970 through the present
Dave Shogren on bass and guitar from 1970-1972
John Hartman on drums and percussion from 1970-1979 and 1987-1992
Michael Hossack was added as a second drummer in 1971 through 1973.  He then rejoined the group in 1987 and played through 2001 and again from 2002 until his death in 2012.
Tiran Porter became a key component of the group's sound on bass beginning in 1972.  Tiran played with the Doobies through 1979, then was there for the reunion from 1987-1991.
Keith Knudsen became the second drummer in 1973 and he has been a longtime stable force providing the beat.  Keith was with the Doobies through their breakup in 1987, rejoined them briefly in 1987, played from 1993-1995 and again from 1998-2005.
Guitarist Jeff "Skunk" Baxter, who had played with Steely Dan, joined the Brothers in 1974 through 1977, then played again during the reunion year of 1987.

McDonald joined the group in 1975 and was the driving force behind the group until 1982.  Michael toured with the group in 1987 and joined them from 1995-1998 and 2005-2010.  He still appears with the Doobie Brothers on occasional shows.
Percussionist Bobby LaKind joined the group from 1977-1982 and played with the group from 1987-1989.

John McFee contributed guitars and violin from 1979 through 1982 and rejoined the Doobies briefly in 1987, again from 1993-1994 and then permanently from 1996 through the present.
Chet McCracken provided drums and percussion from 1979-1982, was part of the reunion in 1987 and also played in 1995.
Cornelius Bumpus played saxophone, flute and keyboards from 1979-1982, and also joined the group for their reunion in 1987, playing through 1995.
Willie Weeks joined the group in 1980 through 1982 on bass and rejoined the group briefly in 1993.

Dale Ockerman was added to the group on keyboards and guitar in 1988 and he played through 1995.
Jimi Fox provided percussion in 1989-1992.
Richard Bryant was brought in to provide percussion from 1989-1991.
John Cowan took over from Weeks briefly in 1993.
Danny Hull came in in 1993 and played sax, harmonica and keyboards through 1998.
Guitarist Bernie Chiravalle joined the group in 1995.
Skylark began playing bass for the Doobies beginning in 1995 and he played through 2010.
Keyboardist Guy Allison became a part of the Doobie Brothers live sound beginning in 1996 through the present.
Marc Russo played saxophone for the group beginning in 1998 and is still with them.
M.B. Gordy took over percussion and drums from 2001-2005.
Ed Wynne provided saxophone from 2002-2005.

The group added Ed Toth on drums and percussion from 2005-2010.
Bassist John Cowan has been with the group since 2010.
Tony Pia joined the group in 2010 and is still active.
Ed Toth came aboard in 2010 as another drummer and still plays with the group.

Hits List: Lionel Richie

Lionel Richie enjoyed many great songs with the Commodores, and he didn't miss a beat when he went solo, beginning in 1981.  In fact, he holds the Rock Era record with 13 consecutive Top 10's to begin his solo career.  Here is the complete Hits List from Richie:

1981:  "Endless Love" (with Diana Ross) (#1, #1 R&B, #1 Adult Contemporary, #7 U.K., #1 Australia, #10 Netherlands)
1982:  "Truly" (#1, #2 R&B, #1 AC, #6 U.K., #7 Australia)
1983:  "You Are" (#4, #2 R&B, #1 AC, #43 U.K., #29 Netherlands, #17 Australia)
           "My Love" (#5, #6 R&B, #1 AC, #70 U.K., #88 Australia)
           "All Night Long (All Night)" (#1, #1 R&B, #1 AC, #2 U.K., #1 Netherlands, #1 Australia)
           "Running with the Night" (#7, #6 R&B, #6 AC, #9 U.K., #8 Netherlands, #24 Australia)

1984:  "Hello" (#1, #1 R&B, #1 AC, #1 U.K., #1 Netherlands, #1 Australia)
           "Stuck on You" (#3, #8 R&B, #1 AC, #12 U.K., #18 Netherlands, #24 Australia)
           "Penny Lover" (#8, #8 R&B, #1 AC, #18 U.K., #14 Netherlands, #73 Australia)
1985:  "Say You, Say Me" (#1, #1 R&B, #1 AC, #8 U.K., #1 Netherlands, #3 Australia)

1986:  "Dancing on the Ceiling" (#2, #6 R&B, #3 AC, #7 U.K., #8 Netherlands, #2 Australia)
           "Love Will Conquer All" (#9, #2 R&B, #1 AC, #45 U.K., #24 Netherlands, #71 Australia)
           "Ballerina Girl" (#7, #5 R&B, #1 AC, #17 U.K., #39 Netherlands, #43 Australia)
1987:  "Deep River Woman" (with Alabama) (#71, #28 AC)
           "Se La" (#20, #12 R&B, #5 AC, #43 U.K., #12 Netherlands)
1992:  "Do It to Me" (#21, #1 R&B, #3 AC, #33 U.K., #12 Netherlands, #45 Australia)
           "My Destiny" (#56 R&B, #7 AC, #7 U.K., #1 Netherlands)
           "Love, Oh Love" (#52 U.K., #15 Netherlands)
1996:  "Don't Wanna' Lose You" (#39, #17 R&B, #5 AC, #17 U.K., #28 Netherlands, #53 Australia)
           "Ordinary Girl" (#76 R&B, #9 AC)
           "Still in Love" (#10 AC, #66 U.K.)
           "Climbing" (#45 Netherlands)

1998:  "Time" (#7 AC)
           "I Hear Your Voice" (#15 AC)
           "Closest Thing to Heaven" (#26 U.K., #98 Netherlands)
2000:  "Angel" (#70, #4 AC, #18 U.K., #6 Netherlands)
           "Dont' Stop the Music" (#34 U.K., #73 Netherlands
2001:  "Tender Heart" (#29 U.K.)
           "I Forgot" (#34 U.K.)
           "Cinderella" (#82 Netherlands)
           "The One" (with Juliette)
2003:  "To Love a Woman" (with Enrique Iglesias) (#19 U.K.)
2004:  "Just for You" (#92, #6 AC, #20 U.K., #47 Netherlands)
           "Long Long Way to Go" (#20 AC, #93 Netherlands)
           "I Still Believe"
2006:  "I Call It Love" (#62, #19 R&B, #9 AC, #45 U.K., #93 Netherlands)
           "What You Are" (#57 R&B)
2007:  "Reason to Believe"
           "All Around the World"
2008:  "Face in the Crowd" (with Trijntje Oosterhuis) (#3 Netherlands)
           "Good Morning"
2009:  "Just Go" (#11 AC, #52 U.K.)
           "I'm Not Okay"
2011:  "All Night Long 2011" (featuring Guy Sebastian)

2012:  "Endless Love (with Shania Twain) (#15 AC)
           "Say You, Say Me" (with Rasmus Seebach)

That's 20 hits for Lionel, including 13 Top 10's and five #1's.  On the AC chart, he opened his career by hitting #1 an incredible 9 of 10 times and for his career, he has charted 28 times, with a high batting average--23 going Top 10 and 11 #1's.

Hits List: Lloyd Price

One of the early R&B stars of the Rock Era, Price crossed over in a big way beginning with "Stagger Lee" in 1959.  Here is his complete Hits List:

1952:  "Lawdy Miss Clawdy" (#1 R&B)
           "Oooh-Oooh-Oooh" (#4 R&B)
           "Restless Heart" (#5 R&)
1953:  "Ain't It A Shame?" (#4 R&B)
           "Tell Me Pretty Baby" (#8 R&B)
1957:  "Just Because" (#29, #3 R&B)
           "Lonely Chair" (#88)
1959:  "Stagger Lee" (#1, #1 R&B, #7 U.K.)
           "Where Were You (On Our Wedding Day?)" (#23, #4 R&B, #15 U.K.)
           "Personality" (#2, #1 R&B, #9 U.K.)
           "I'm GOnna' Get Married" (#3, #1 R&B, #23 U.K.)
           "Three Little Pigs" (#15 R&B)
1960:  "Come Into My Heart" (#20, #2 R&B)
           "Wont'cha Come Home" (#43, #6 R&B)
           "Lady Luck" (#14, #3 R&B)
           "Never Let Me Go" (#82, #26 R&B)
           "No Ifs - No And's" (#40, #16 R&B)
           "For Love" (#43)
           "Question" (#19, #5 R&B)
           "Just Call Me (And I"ll Understand)" (#79)
           "Who Coulda' Told You (They Lied)"
1961:  "(You Better) Know What You're Doin'" (#90)
           "Mary and Man-O"
1962:  "Under Your Spell Again" 
1963:  "Misty" (#21, #11 R&B)
1964:  "Billie Baby" (#84)
           "I Love You (I Just Love You)"
1965:  "If I Had My Life to Live Over"
1969:  "Bad Conditions" (#21 R&B)
1973:  "Trying To Slip (Away)" (#32 R&B)
1976:  "What Did You Do With my Love" (#99 R&B)

This Date in Rock Music History: June 10

1964:  The Rolling Stones recorded tracks for their upcoming album 12 x 5 at Chess Studios in Chicago.

1966:  The Beatles became the first act to feature reversed tape in the background of the song "Rain", which was released on this date in the U.K.
1967:  Bob Dylan and the Band began recording The Basement Tapes.
1967:  "Casino Royale" was #1 on the Easy Listening chart for a second week for Herb Alpert & the Tijuana Brass

                                     The Airplane flew up to #7...

1967:  More of the Monkees remained at #1 for the 18th week in a row on the Album survey.  I Never Loved a Man the Way I Love You by Aretha Franklin held steady at #2 while the comedy album Revenge by Bill Cosby was third.  Herb Alpert & the Tijuana Brass moved from #101 to #4 with yet another big seller--Sounds Like.  The rest of the Top 10:  The Mamas & the Papas Deliver, Born Free from Andy Williams up to #6, Surrealistic Pillow by Jefferson Airplane at #7, the Soundtrack to "Doctor "Zhivago" at 8, Paul Revere & the Raiders from Boise, Idaho moved from 15 to 9 with their Greatest Hits album while The Best of the Lovin' Spoonful was the 10th biggest album.
1967:  The 5th Dimension had a smash with "Up, Up and Away", moving up on the chart from 83 to 44.

                                    The Music Explosion with their contribution to the Rock Era...

1967:  Two new songs reached the Top 10 on this date--"She'd Rather Be With Me" by the Turtles moved from 14-7 while the Music Explosion shot up from 17 to 8 with "Little Bit O' Soul".
1967:  It was week #4 at #1 for Aretha Franklin on the R&B chart with "Respect".

1969:  Gary Lewis & the Playboys performed "This Diamond Ring" on The Tonight Show.
1969:  The Mojo Men, Every Mother's Son, Spanky and Our Gang, Canned Heat, the Doors and Dionne Warwick performed on the opening day of the Fantasy Faire and Magic Mountain Music Festival in Marin County, California.
1972:  Elvis Presley recorded two shows at Madison Square Garden in New York City.

                                             Neil Young's song about an "Old Man"...

1972:  Jethro Tull enjoyed having the #1 album (Thick as a Brick) for a second week with the former #1 First Take from Roberta Flack remaining at #2.  Harvest by Neil Young remained at #3 with Manassas from Stephen Stills fourth.  The rest of the Top 10:  Joplin in Concert by Janis Joplin was at #5 posthumously, Graham Nash/David Crosby was #6 (giving the former members of CSNY three of the Top 10 albums, A Lonely Man by the Chi-Lites was #7, History of Eric Clapton came in at #8, Roberta Flack & Donny Hathaway was #9 and the Rolling Stones debuted at 10 with Exile On Main Street.

                                               Gallery celebrated a Top 10 song...

1972:  "The Candy Man" from superstar Sammy Davis, Jr. took over at #1 from "I'll Take You There" by the Staple Singers, which enjoyed a brief one-week stint at the top.  "Oh Girl" by the Chi-Lites slipped to #3 but Neil Diamond rocketed up from 12 to 4 with "Song Sung Blue".  The rest of the Top 10:  Dr. Hook & the Medicine Show as they called themselves back then, had #5 with "Sylvia's Mother", Gallery's One-Hit Wonder "Nice To Be With You" was song #6, Roberta Flack's former #1 smash "The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face" was now at #7, Cat Stevens slipped to 8 with "Morning Has Broken", Billy Preston's instrumental "Outa-Space" soared from 17 to 9 and the 5th Dimension placed at #10 with their 24th career hit "(Last Night) I Didn't Get To Sleep At All".

1974:  Elton John released the single "Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me".
1974:  The Who appeared at the first of four concerts in New York City's Madison Square Garden.  The shows sold out in a matter of hours after being announced.

1975:  The Eagles released the great album One of These Nights on Asylum Records.
1976:  Paul McCartney & Wings set an indoor record when they performed before 67,100 fans at the Kingdome in Seattle, Washington.
1978:  The Rolling Stones opened a tour at the Civic Center in Lakeland, Florida and Bill Wyman became the latest Stone to roll off the stage.
1978:  "Even Now" by Barry Manilow was #1 on the Adult Contemporary chart for the third week in a row.

1978:  "You're the One That I Want", the lead single from the movie Grease by John Travolta & Olivia Newton-John, raced up to #1.  "Shadow Dancing" was runner-up for Andy Gibb while the former #1 "Too Much, Too Little, Too Late" by Johnny Mathis & Deniece Williams fell to 3.  Chuck Mangione moved up to 4 with "Feels So Good" and former Stealers Wheel frontman Gerry Rafferty appeared to have a huge hit with "Baker Street" moving from 14-5.  The rest of the Top 10:  Bonnie Tyler had #6--"It's A Heartache", George Benson was at #7 with "On Broadway", ABBA had another Top 10 with "Take A Chance On Me", Wings was down to 9 "With A Little Luck" and Player's excellent "This Time I'm In It For Love" rounded out the list.

1978:  The count was up to 21 weeks in a row for the monumental "Saturday Night Fever" Soundtrack, the album that had dislodged Rumours from its stranglehold at the top on January 21. Fleetwood Mac had spent 31 weeks at #1.  London Town by Wings would never get higher than #2 while Chuck Mangione was enjoying the publicity with Feels So Good at #3.  Showdown by the Isley Brothers was the #4 album, followed by a solid effort from Jefferson Starship--Earth.  The rest of the Top 10:  Slowhand by Eric Clapton, Champagne Jam, an underrated album by Atlanta Rhythm Section, the "FM" Soundtrack at #8, You Light Up My Life by Johnny Mathis at #9 and Heatwave's Central Heating at #10.
1981:  Andy Gibb played the role of Frederic in a Los Angeles production of Pirates of Penzance.
1989:  Howard Jones held down the #1 spot on the Adult Contemporary chart for a second week with "Everlasting Love".

1989:  "Wind Beneath My Wings", the great song from Bette Midler, moved to #1.  Richard Marx reached the Top 10 again with his new song "Satisfied".
1990:  Two members of 2 Live Crew were arrested and charged with obscenity after performing "songs" in Hollywood, Florida.
1991:  The funeral for David Ruffin of the Temptations was held with Aretha Franklin and Stevie Wonder in attendance.
1991:  Eddie Kendricks was arrested at Ruffin's funeral for non-payment of child support.  Loser.
1995:  "Have You Ever Really Loved A Woman?" from Bryan Adams was #1 for a second week.
2003:  Radiohead released the album Hail to the Thief.  (Note:  some websites claim the album was released June 9.  While the album was compromised by an Internet link, there is no evidence that the release was moved up a day from its scheduled release of June 10.)
2003:  The Eagles were in concert at the Next Stage in Grand Prairie, Texas.
2004:  Peter Garrett, former lead singer of Midnight Oil, announced he would run for the Australian parliament as a Labour Party candidate.
2004:  Ray Charles died at the age of 73 from acute liver disease in Beverly Hills, California.

Born This Day:
1941:  Shirley Owens of the Shirelles was born in Henderson, North Carolina.  (Note:  several websites report Shirley was born in Passaic, New Jersey, where the Shirelles were formed.  But according to the newspaper 'The Examiner', she was born in Henderson.)
1961:  Maxi Priest was born in Lewisham, London, England.
1964:  Jimmy Chamberlain, drummer of the Smashing Pumpkins and also a producer, was born in Joliet, Illinois.
1967:  Darren Robinson of the Fat Boys; died of a heart attack December 10, 1995 in Queens, New York.
1971:  Joel Hailey of Jodeci and also K-Ci & Jojo was born in Charlotte, North Carolina.
1973:  Faith Evans was born in Lakeland, Florida.
1973:  LeMisha Grinstead of 702

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Answers to Lead Singers Quiz

Here are the answers to the "quiz" earlier in the day. Here is a scoring system:

5 or less--It is difficult to sing "in tune".
6-10--You like to sing in the shower.
11-15--You know your music.
16-18--Are you a music professional?
20--You check out Inside the Rock Era every day.

1.  Who was the main lead singer of the Four Tops in the 60's?
Levi Stubbs

2.  Who was the lead singer of the Raspberries in the 70's?
Eric Carmen

3.  Who was the main lead singer for the Miracles in the 60's?
Smokey Robinson

4.  Who sang lead for Queen in the 70's & 80's?
Freddie Mercury

5.  Who was the lead singer for Bad Company in the 70's?
Paul Rodgers

6.  Who sang lead for Rufus in the 70's?
Chaka Khan

7.  This lead singer went on to form Survivor in the 80's but in the 60's and early 70's, he sang lead for a group called Ides of March.  Who was he?
Jim Peterik

8.  Who was the main lead singer for ELO in the 70's and 80's?
Jeff Lynne

9.  Who was the main lead singer for the Cars in the 70's and 80's?
Ric Ocasek

10.  What group did Van Morrison sing lead vocals for in the 60's?

11.  Who was the main lead singer for L.T.D. in the 70's?
Jeffrey Osbourne

12.  Who was the lead singer for the Animals of the 60's?
Eric Burdon

13.  Marty Balin was a lead singer for what group?
Jefferson Starship

14.  Who sang lead vocals for the Classics IV in the 60's?
Dennis Yost

15.  John Fogerty was the lead singer for which supergroup of the 60's and 70's?
Creedence Clearwater Revival

16.  What group was led on lead vocals by Joe Elliott?
Def Leppard

17.  Dennis Locorriere sang lead for which 70's group?
Dr. Hook

18.  Who was the lead singer for Foreigner in the 70's and 80's?
Lou Gramm

19.  Who was Toto's main lead singer in the 70's and early 80's?
Bobby Kimball

20.  Who was the lead singer for the Grass Roots for most of their career?
Rob Grill

Hits List: Del Shannon

A sad end to Del's life, but he put out some memorable songs for us to enjoy.  Here is the complete Hits List:

1961:  "Runaway" (#1, #1 U.K.)
           "Hats Off to Larry" (#5, #6 U.K.)
           "So Long Baby" (#28, #10 U.K.)
           "Hey!  Little Girl" (#38, #2 U.K.)
1962:  "I Won't Be There"
           "Ginny in the Mirror"
           "Cry Myself to Sleep" (#99, #29 U.K.)
           "The Swiss Maid" (#64, #2 U.K.)
1963:  "Little Town Flirt" (#12, #4 U.K.)
           "Two Kids of Teardrops" (#50, #5 U.K.)
           "From Me to You" (#77)
           "Two Silhouettes" (#23 U.K.)
           "Sue's Gotta' Be Mine" (#71, #21 U.K.)
1964:  "That's the Way Love Is"
           "Mary Jane" (#35 U.K.)
           "Handy Man" (#22, #36 U.K.)
           "Do You Wanna' Dance" (#43)
1965:  "Keep Searchin' (We'll Follow the Sun)" (#9, #3 U.K.)
           "Stranger in Town" (#30, #40 U.K.)
           "Break Up" (#95)
           "Move It On Over"
1966:  "The Big Hurt" (#94)
           "Under My Thumb"
1967:  "She"
           "Runaway" (remake)
1969:  "Comin' Back To Me"

1981:  "Sea of Love" (#33)
1985:  "In My Arms Again"

Bob Welch Dead at 66

Bob Welch, a guitarist with Fleetwood Mac in their early years before becoming a solo artist, has died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound yesterday in Nashville, Tennessee. Welch was 66. His wife found his body about 12:15 p.m.

Welsh was with Fleetwood Mac from 1971 to 1974, leaving right before Lindsey Buckingham and Stevie Nicks joined the group.

Nicks said in a statement that Welch's death was "devastating." "I am so very sorry for his family and for the family of Fleetwood Mac -- so,so sad," Nicks said.

Welch had the hits "Sentimental Lady" and "Ebony Eyes" in the 70's.

This Date in Rock Music History: June 9

1958:  Jerry Lee Lewis and producer Sam Phillips bought a full-page ad in Billboard Magazine to explain his second divorce and third marriage to 14 year-old cousin Myra.
1959:  Bobby Darin made debut in Las Vegas, Nevada; he opened for George Burns at the Sahara.
1962:  A new artist appeared on the music charts for the first time on this date.  Bobby Vinton's first song "Roses Are Red" debuted and he would achieve the tough feat of achieving #1 with his first release.

1962:  The Beatles performed at the Cavern Club in Liverpool after a successful stint at the Star Club in Hamburg.
1962:  Tony Bennett performed at Carnegie Hall for the first time.
1963:  Barbra Streisand performed on The Ed Sullivan Show. 1963:  Andy Williams was the mystery guest on the popular television show What's My Line.

1963:  The Beatles were on top for a seventh week in the U.K. with "From Me To You".
1964:  Bob Dylan recorded the album Another Side of Bob Dylan.
1967:  The Monkees opened their 1967 tour at the Hollywood Bowl in Hollywood, California.
1969:  Brian Jones announced that he was saying "Goodbye" to the Rolling Stones because he didn't agree with the direction the band was going.  While this was the public account of the split, the truth is that he was asked to leave the group by the other members.
1970:  Bob Dylan received an honorary Doctorate in Music from Princeton University in New Jersey.

1972:  Bruce Springsteen signed a recording contract with Columbia Records.
1972:  Elvis Presley performed in the first of four sold-out shows at Madison Square Garden in New York City.  An album was released of the shows--Elvis as Recorded at Madison Square Garden.
1973:  The Spinners scored their second R&B #1 of the year (following "Could It Be I'm Falling In Love") with "One Of A Kind (Love Affair)".

1973:  The Doobie Brothers were rolling up the chart (22-10) with "Long Train Runnin'".
1973:  Red Rose Speedway by Paul McCartney & Wings continued to set the pace on the Album chart, holding off The Beatles' 1967-1970 collection.  They Only Come Out At Night by the Edgar Winter Group peaked at #3 with Houses of the Holy by Led Zeppelin falling to #4 after just 9 weeks.  The rest of the Top 10:  The Beatles also had #5 with their 1962-1966 package, The Best of Bread was at #6, Diamond Girl from Seals & Crofts moved up to #7, Focus had #8 with Moving Waves, Pink Floyd slipped to #9 with Dark Side of the Moon after just 13 weeks while Deep Purple closed out the group with Made in Japan.
1978:  The Rolling Stones released the album Some Girls.  It took several weeks to chart, however.
1979:  "We Are Family" was top dog on the R&B chart.

1979:  Breakfast in America locked down the #1 spot on the Album chart as Supertramp's breakthrough.  2 Hot! by Peaches & Herb held at #2 while Donna Summer's solid Bad Girls album was #3.  The rest of the Top 10:  Sister Sledge edged up to 4 with We Are Family, Rickie Lee Jones' impressive debut was at #5, the Doobie Brothers slipped to 6 with their former #1 album Minute By Minute, Van Halen II was at #7, Cheap Trick's live winner Cheap Trick At Budokan was #8, Bad Company was at 9 with Desolation Angels and the Bee Gees' finest studio album Spirits Having Flown reached the Top 10.

1979:  It was a magical time in music.  The Bee Gees landed their sixth consecutive #1 ("Love You Inside Out") to break the 14 year-old record of five by the Supremes.  Donna Summer had to take a back seat with "Hot Stuff".  (Note:  several websites incorrectly claim that the Beatles held the record of six.  Those websites are undoubtedly referring to the period from of 1964 to 1966, when the Beatles scored six #1 singles in a row.  However, the flip sides of those 45's also charted--"She's A Woman" at #4, "I Don't Want To Spoil The Party" at #39, "Yes It Is" at #46 and "Act Naturally" at #47.  This chart record does not show six consecutive #1 songs--not even close to it.  It shows six consecutive #1 singles and that is the correct way to state it.  But the Beatles never had no more than two #1 songs in this stretch.  If one is to count those other songs as hits, which rightly should be counted as hits, than those peaks shown above interrupt the group's streak of #1 songs.  They had six straight #1 singles, but not six straight #1's.)

1980:  Christopher Cross released the beautiful song "Sailing".  (Note:  one website naively says the song was released June 15.  "Sailing" debuted on the Singles chart on June 14.  It is physically impossible for a song to make the Singles chart if it has not yet been released as a single.  In fact, the cut-off for making the Singles chart is the Wednesday before it comes out (on Saturday).  "Sailing" was released June 9.)
1982:  Linda Ronstadt, James Taylor and Jackson Browne played at Nassau Coliseum in Long Island, New York during Peace Week.

1984:  "Time After Time" by Cyndi Lauper reached #1 with Deniece Williams falling to #2 with "Let's Hear It For The Boy" from the great Soundtrack to "Footloose".  Steve Perry edged up to 3 with his first solo hit "Oh Sherrie".  The rest of the Top 10:  "The Reflex" from Duran Duran, "Sister Christian" at 5 for Night Ranger, Huey Lewis & the News continuing to enjoy success with "The Heart Of Rock & Roll", the former #1 "Hello" from Lionel Richie at #7, Irene Cara moving up to 8 with "Breakdance", Laura Branigan climbing to 9 with "Self Control" and the Pointer Sisters enjoying their 18th career hit with "Jump (For My Love)".
1986:  Steve Winwood released the single "Higher Love".  (Note:  one website naively says the single was released June 20, the same day as the album 'Back in the High Life'.  "Higher Love" debuted on the Singles chart on June 14.  It is physically impossible for a song to make the Singles chart if it has not yet been released as a single.  "Higher Love" was released as a 45 in advance of the album, on June 9.)
1986:  Bob Dylan and Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers played at the Sports Arena in San Diego, California.
1988:  Fleetwood Mac played at the Waldb├╝hne in West Berlin, West Germany.

Phil Collins
1990:  "Do You Remember?" by Phil Collins maintained its spot at #1 for a second week on the Adult Contemporary chart.

1990:  Wilson Phillips had the new #1 song with "Hold On" from their great debut album sending "Vogue" by Madonna to #2.  Bell Biv DeVoe's "Poison" moved up to 3 while Heart's former strong #2 "All I Wanna' Do Is Make Love To You" slid down to 4.  The rest of the Top 10:  Roxette's "It Must Have Been Love" from the great movie Pretty Woman, Janet Jackson's "Alright" at #6, Linear had song #7 with "Sending All My Love", New Kids on the Block moved from 16 to 8 with "Step By Step", M.C. Hammer remained at #9 with "U (sic) Can't Touch This" and Sinead O'Connor's former #1 "Nothing Compares 2 (sic) U (Sic)" at #10.
1993:  Glenn Frey released his video Live in Dublin.  (Note:  One website reports the video was released July 2, 1993 and one says it was released on September 15 of 1992.  'This Day in Eagles History' reports that the release date was June 9, 1993.)
1993:  The United States Postal Service unveiled its Legends of American Music stamp collection.  Elvis Presley, Buddy Holly, Bill Haley, Otis Redding, Ritchie Valens, Clyde McPhatter and Dinah Washington were featured in the set on this date in their Rock & Roll/Rhythm & Blues series.

                                       Michael Bolton scored a Top 10 album...

1990:  Back when a Rap album was actually decent, M.C. Hammer became the first Rap act to reach #1 with Please Hammer Don't Hurt 'Em, taking over from Sinead O'Connor's. I Do Not Want What I Haven't Got.  Brigade from Heart remained at 3 with the Soundtrack to "Pretty Woman" holding steady at 4.  The rest of the Top 10:  Poison from Bell Biv DeVoe, Soul Provider, the great album by Michael Bolton at #6, Depeche Mode moving up with Violator, Janet Jackson's Rhythm Nation 1814 at #8, Shut Up and Dance by Paula Abdul at 9 and Wilson Phillips moving into the Top 10 with their debut.

1991:  Amy Grant released the single "Every Heartbeat".  (Note:  some websites naively say the single was released June 13, the same date as the album 'Heart in Motion'.  "Every Heartbeat" debuted on the Singles chart on June 14.  It is physically impossible for a record company to mail a single to radio stations, be received by the radio stations, listened to and added to radio station playlists, reported to the trade papers and be printed and published by the trade papers, all on the same day.  "Every Heartbeat" was released on June 9 in advance of the album.)
1993:  Arthur Alexander, who had a hit with "You Better Move On" in 1962, died of a heart attack at the age of 53.
1994:  Lisa "Left-Eye" Lopes of TLC set fire to her boyfriend's (Andre Rison of the Atlanta Falcons) house.
1997:  The Spice Girls began filming Spice World.
1997:  Carl Perkins underwent surgery in Memphis, Tennessee to clear blocked arteries in his neck.
1998:  The Ronettes appeared in the New York State Supreme Court to testify in their lawsuit against producer Phil Spector.  The group charged that Spector, his record label and successive labels breached their contract by not paying royalties since 1963.  The suit was originally filed in 1988.
2001:  The Eagles were in concert at Earls Court in London, England for the first of four shows.
2004:  Britney Spears was hospitalized for arthroscoptic surgery after falling during a video shoot for her single "Outrageous".
2004:  Usher's Confessions returned to #1 on the Album chart.
2006:  Robbie Williams was in concert at Croke Park in Dublin, Ireland.
2007:  George Michael played the first of two shows at the new Wembley Stadium in London.
2010:  The Black Eyed Peas released the album The E.N.D.  (Note:  several websites report the album was released June 3.  It was released June 9, according to 'Billboard'.)

Born This Day:
1929:  Johnny Ace was born in Memphis, Tennessee; died playing Russian roulette on December 25, 1954 in Houston, Texas.

1934:  Jackie Wilson was born in Detroit, Michigan; suffered a heart attack on stage at a New Jersey nightclub in 1975 that put him in a coma; he died January 21, 1984 in Mount Holly, New Jersey.

1941:  Jon Lord, elite Deep Purple keyboardist, was born in Leicester, Leicestershire, England; died of a pulmonary embolism in London on July 16, 2012 after battling pancreatic cancer.
1946:  Stuart Edwards of Edison Lighthouse 
1949:  George Bunnell of Strawberry Alarm Clock was born in Lawrence, Massachusetts.
1950:  Trevor Bolder, songwriter and bassist of Uriah Heap, was born in Kingston upon Hull, East Riding of Yorkshire, England; died of cancer May 21, 2013 in Cottingham, Northamptonshire, England.
1951:  Terry Uttley, a founding member of Smokie ("If You Think You Know How To Love Me")
1954:  Peter Byrne, lead singer of Naked Eyes and later Climie Fisher, was born in Bath, Somerset, England.
1967:  Dean Felber, bassist of Hootie & the Blowfish, was born in Bethesda, Maryland.
1967:  Dean Dinning, bassist of Toad the Wet Sprocket, was born in Santa Barbara, California.
1970:  Ed Simons, keyboard player for the Chemical Brothers, was born in Herne Hill, London.  (Note:  one website reports he was born in Dulwich, London while another says he was born in Herne Hill, London and others lazily say he was born in London.  London is both a city and a county so saying someone was born in London implies they were born in the city.  Simons was born in Herne Hill in the county of London.)
1978:  Matthew Bellamy, vocalist and guitarist for Muse, was born in Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, England.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

This Date in Rock Music History: June 8

1961:  Elvis Presley's movie Wild in the Country premiered.  (Note:  some websites claim the movie was released June 15, but that is physically impossible, since a review in the newspaper 'The New York Times' appeared on June 10.  According to 'Turner Classic Movies', it opened on June 8.)
1963: "Another Saturday Night" from Sam Cooke occupied the #1 spot on the R&B chart.

                                       Cole could deliver a song like no one else...

1963:  Lesley Gore remained at #1 with "It's My Party" but Kyu Sakamoto was climbing fast (10-2) with "Sukiyaki".  The Crystals were at #3 with "Da Doo Ron Ron", Al Martino had "I Love You Because" and the Dovells were at 5 with "You Can't Sit Down".  The rest of the Top 10:  "Two Faces Have I" from Lou Christie was song #6, Jimmy Soul's "If You Wanna' Be Happy" tumbled to #7, Bill Anderson had #8 with "Still", Nat King Cole's great song "Those Lazy-Hazy-Crazy Days Of Summer" moved from 16-9 and the Beach Boys were on their way down with "Surfin' U.S.A.".
1967:  Brian Jones of the Rolling Stones joined the Beatles in the studio on saxophone to record "You Know My Name (Look Up The Number)".
1967:  Procol Harum had the #1 U.K. song with "A Whiter Shade Of Pale".
1968:  The 5th Dimension moved from 95 to 53 with "Stoned Soul Picnic".
1968:  "Ain't Nothing Like The Real Thing" from Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrell was #1 on the R&B chart.
1968:  "This Guy's In Love With You" by Herb Alpert took over at #1 on the Easy Listening chart.  It would not relinquish that position for 10 weeks.

                                              "Mony Mony" was movin' up...

1968:  "Mrs Robinson" from Simon & Garfunkel was #1 again on the Popular chart.  Archie Bell & the Drells slid up to 2 with "Tighten Up" while Herb Alpert's classic "This Guy's In Love With You" moved from 11-3.  Hugo Montenegro's former #1 "The Good, The Bad And The Ugly" was at #4 and Tommy James & the Shondells made #5 with "Mony Mony".  The rest of the Top 10:  Ohio Express remained at 6 with "Yummy Yummy Yummy", Richard Harris had a hit with "MacArthur Park", the Rascals were going down with "A Beautiful Morning", Aretha Franklin her 20th hit and seventh Top 10 with "Think" and the former #1 "Honey", one of the Top Songs of the Rock Era* from Bobby Goldsboro, was now at 10.

                                         "America" helped Bookends become a classic...

1968:  The great album Bookends by Simon & Garfunkel was #1 for a third week with the former #1 Soundtrack to "The Graduate" remaining at #2.  

1970:  Bread released the single "Make It With You".
1970:  The van of Deep Purple was impounded by East German police after it "mistakenly got too close to the border".  Silly Deep Purple.
1974:  Rick Wakeman announced he was leaving the group Yes for a solo career.

1974:  The great song "Rock Your Baby" by George McCrae moved from 93 to 62.  It would finish the decade as the top-selling song of the '70s.
1974:  "Sundown" by Gordon Lightfoot was the new #1 on the Easy Listening chart.

                                "Raised on Robbery", from the great Joni Mitchell...

1974:  Band on the Run by Paul McCartney & Wings was the new #1 album, replacing the Soundtrack to "The Sting" by Marvin Hamlisch.  Cat Stevens held down #3 with Buddha and the Chocolate Box while Maria Muldaur was at #4.  The rest of the Top 10:  John Denver's Greatest Hits remained at 5, Gordon Lightfoot moved to #6 with Sundown, Chicago VII was at #7, Grand Funk slipped with Shinin' On, Joni Mitchell's great album Court and Spark entered the Top 10 and Elton John was at #10, 34 weeks since the release of Goodbye Yellow Brick Road.

1974:  "Band on the Run", one of The Top Songs of the Rock Era* by Paul McCartney & Wings was the new #1 song.  "For the Love of Money" by the O'Jays was the only new song in the Top 10.
1979:  It was a Midnight Special worth staying up for.  Gloria Gaynor hosted Paul McCartney & Wings, Rod Stewart and Bad Company.
1982:  Simon and Garfunkel began their first reunion tour ar the Hippodrome D'auteuil in Paris, France.
1985:  The Style Council owned the top album in the U.K. with Our Favourite Shop.
1985:  "Rock Me Tonight" by Freddie Jackson was #1 on the R&B chart for a second week.

                                       Newcomers Katrina & the Waves with their positive song...

1985:  Tears for Fears" were on top with "Everybody Wants To Rule The World".  Katrina & the Waves entered the Top 10 with "Walking On Sunshine".  
1991:  Bruce Springsteen married Patti Scialfa in Los Angeles.
1991:  Spellbound, featuring "Rush Rush" and "Blowing Kisses In The Wind" from Paula Abdul was the #1 album.  

1991:  Extreme took over at #1 with "More Than Words".  "I Wanna' Sex You Up" from Color Me Badd was #2 but Paula Abdul was making her move with "Rush, Rush".  Mariah Carey fell to #4 with "I Don't Wanna' Cry" and Michael Bolton fell to 5 with "Love Is A Wonderful Thing".  The rest of the Top 10:  R.E.M. at 6 with "Losing My Religion", Hi-Five had the #7 song with "I Like The Way (The Kissing Game)", EMF's smash "Unbelievable" was up to #8, Whitney Houston had her 16th hit and 13th Top 10 with "Miracle" and Luther Vandross moved into the list with "Power Of Love/Love Power".
1991:  "I Don't Wanna' Cry" by Mariah Carey was #1 on the Adult Contemporary chart, which by that time had taken over as the top music format.
1996:  Accomplished songwriter Carole Bayer Sager married Robert Davy.

1996:  Toni Braxton had an incredible debut at #7 with "You're Makin' Me High/Let It Flow".  The double-sided hit was one of the highest debuts of the Rock Era.
1996:  The Score by the Fugees was #1 on the Album chart for the third week.  Soundgarden debuted at #2 with Down on the Upside.  Jagged Little Pill from Alanis Morisette was still hanging around at #4 after 50 weeks.
1999:  Prince released The Hits Collection home video.
2003:  Dave Buckner, drummer of Papa Roach, announced his engagement to Mia Tyler, the daughter of Aerosmith lead singer Steven Tyler.  With people from those backgrounds, you might expect it not to last long and it didn't--just two years.

2003:  Peter Garrett of Midnight Oil was made a Member of the Order of Australia by Queen Elizabeth II.
2004:  T-Boz of TLC filed for divorce from husband, Mack 10, alleging the rapper was unfaithful and threatened to kill her.  What about rap music didn't T-Boz understand?
2010:  The Eagles began their summer tour at the Rogers Centre in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Born This Day:
1940:  Nancy Sinatra was born in Jersey City, New Jersey.
1940:  Sherman Garnes of Frankie Lyman and the Teenagers and also an actor was born in New York City; died February 26, 1977 of a heart attack in New York City.
1941:  Clarence Haskins of Funkadelic was born in Elkins, West Virginia.
1942:  Chuck Negron, who once sang with Three Dog Night but doesn't any longer, was born in the Bronx, New York.  (Note:  several websites lazily say Negron was born in New York City, which means he could have been born in one of several boroughs.  Chuck was born in the Bronx, according to Fred Bronson in his book 'Billboard Book of Number One Hits'.)

1944:  Boz Scaggs was born in Canton, Ohio.

1951:  Bonnie Tyler was born in Skewen, Wales.  (Note:  some websites, including the notorious '', claim Bonnie was born in Swansea, Wales.  Skewen is near Swansea, but being born near Swansea is not the same as being born there.  According to the book 'The Billboard Book of Number One Hits' by Fred Bronson, Bonnie was born in Skewen.)
1953:  Jeff Rich, drummer of Status Quo and Climax Blues Band, was born in Hackney, London.  (Note:  some websites report Rich was born in London.  London is both a city and county, and listing a birthplace only as London implies the person was born in the city of London.  Rich was born in Hackney, which is a borough located in the county of London.)

1960:  Mick Hucknall, lead singer of Simply Red, was born in Manchester, England.
1962:  Nick Rhodes, keyboardist of Duran Duran was born in Moseley, Warwickshire, England.  (Note:  some websites claim Nick was born in Birmingham, and some say he was born in the county of West Midlands.  The county of West Midlands was not created until 1974, making it impossible for him to have been born in the county of West Midlands.  He was born in Mosely, according to his mother, Sylvia.)
1965:  Rob Pilatus of Milli Vanilli was born in New York City; died of drugs and alcohol April 2, 1998.  (Note:  some websites claim Rob was born in Frankfurt or Munich, Germany.  According to the newspaper 'The Independent', he was born in New York City and grew up with adoptive parents in Frankfurt.  Some websites claim Rob died on April 3.  According to the newspaper 'The Los Angeles Times', Pilatus died on April 2.)
1967:  Neil Mitchell, keyboard player for Wet Wet Wet, was born in Helensburgh, Dunbartonshire, Scotland.
1970:  Nicci Gilbert of Brownstone was born in Detroit, Michigan.
1977:  Kanye West was born in Atlanta, Georgia.
1981:  Alex Band, singer, songwriter and musician of the Calling, was born in Los Angeles, California.