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This Date in Rock Music History: July 1

1959:  Dave Brubeck recorded "Take Five" at the CBS Recording Studio in Manhattan, New York.
1962:  Gene Vincent and the new group the Beatles performed at the Cavern Club in Liverpool, England.
1963:  The Beatles recorded "She Loves You" and "I'll Get You" at EMI Studios in London.
1966:  Janis Joplin moved into the house owned by Big Brother & the Holding Company in Lagunitas in the San Geronimo Valley in California.  

1967:  Procol Harum had an amazing hit on their hands as "A Whiter Shade Of Pale" rocketed up from 80 to 28.

1967:  One of the great times of the Rock Era, the Summer of Love, and it was off to a great start.  The Association took over at #1 with their classic "Windy", one of The Top 100 Songs of the Rock Era*.  "Groovin'" by the Young Rascals was #2 followed by "Little Bit O' Soul" from the Music Explosion.

1967:  It was another famous date of the Rock Era as the Beatles first hit #1 on the Album chart with Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band.  After debuting at #8 (back then it was much tougher to debut in the Top 10 than it is now), the Beatles closed the deal to #1.

1968:  The Rascals released the single "People Got To Be Free" on Atlantic Records.
1968:  John Lennon unveiled a set of drawings called "You Are Here" at the Robert Fraser Gallery in London.
1969:  Sam Phillips, the genius who first recorded Elvis Presley, sold Sun Records.
1969:  John Lennon and Yoko Ono were involved in a serious car crash in the Highlands of Scotland that required John to have 17 stitches.

1972:  We didn't realize at the time how little time we had to enjoy him.  Jim Croce's first song, "You Don't Mess Around With Jim" debuted on this date.  Croce, who would soon record "Bad, Bad Leroy Brown" and "Time In A Bottle", among others, would die a little over a year later in a plane crash.
1972:  "Outa-Space" by Billy Preston was the top R&B song.
1972:  Elton John's Honky Chateau moved from 37-7 after just three weeks on the Album chart.  This was the first sign that he was becoming a megastar.
1972:  "Song Sung Blue" by Neil Diamond was #1 for a fifth week on the Adult chart.

1973:  "Song Sung Blue" became Neil Diamond's 28th hit, his seventh Top 10 song and his second #1 (following "Cracklin' Rosie") on this date.  Sammy Davis, Jr. fell with "The Candy Man" while Billy Preston's instrumental "Outa-Space" remained at 3.  The timeless "Lean On Me" from Bill Withers rose to #4 and Cornelius Brothers & Sister Rose were at 5 with "It's Too Late To Turn Back Now".  The rest of the Top 10:  Jimmy Castor Bunch with "Troglodyte", Gallery were on their way down with "Nice To Be With You", Elton John moved "Rocket Man" from 14-8, America landed in the Top 10 again with "I Need You" and Wayne Newton had a hit with "Daddy Don't You Walk So Fast".
1973:  Jesus Christ Superstar closed after 720 performances on Broadway in New York City.

1975:  10cc had the #1 U.K. song with "I'm Not In Love".
1975:  Connie Francis received a $2.5 million judgement against Howard Johnson's Lodges, as she was raped at a Howard Johnson's in New York two years earlier.  Francis spent the entire $2.5 million on victim's rights groups.
1977:  Pink Floyd played a sold out show in the first of four concerts at Madison Square Garden in New York City.

1978:  Joe Walsh had the fastest climber as "Life's Been Good" moved from #50 to #31.
1979:  The Doobie Brothers celebrated their 10th anniversary with a jam at Friar's Club in Los Angeles.
1981:  John Morey, bassist of Steppenwolf, died in an automobile accident in Santa Barbara, California at age 32.
1983:  The new group Bon Jovi signed a recording contract with Mercury Records.
1986:  Back when the "M" in MTV stood for music instead of mundane, the channel hosted a competition in which the winner (Lisa Barber) attended a world premiere of Prince's movie Under a Cherry Moon in Lisa's hometown of Sheridan, Wyoming.  As part of the prize, Lisa and 200 of her friends viewed a private concert by the Purple One.
1989:  R.E.M., Joe Jackson, the Robert Cray Band, Lou Reed and Elvis Costello were at the Rock Torhout Festival in Torhout, Belgium.
1989:  "Batman" by Prince was the #1 song in the U.K.  

                    The Fine Young Cannibals moved to challenge for #1...

1989:  Music fans in 1989 chose Milli Vanilli as the #1 song.  Probably the same people who like rap and can't distinguish between normal people and Dangerous Inmates (LOL).  The Fine Young Cannibals were second with "Good Thing" while the previous #1 "Satisfied" from Richard Marx fell to 3.  Neneh Cherry remained at #4 with "Buffalo Stance".  Simply Red's "If You Don't Know Me By Now" entered the Top 10 at #5.  The rest of the Top 10:  "Express Yourself" from Madonna moved from 13-6, Donna Summer was at 7 with "This Time I Know It's For Real", Cyndi Lauper moved to #8 in an active Top 10, Natalie Cole had song #9 with "Miss You Like Crazy" and New Kids on the Block tumbled to #10 with "I'll Be Loving You (Forever)". 
1995:  R.E.M., the Cure and the Cranberries performed at the Rock Torhout Festival in Torhout, Belgium.

1995:  Cracked Rear View by Hootie & the Blowfish, which ranks 12th in the Rock Era for the longest time to reach #1 on the Album chart, returned back to #1 after taking a week off.  The Soundtrack to "Pocahontas" was #2 followed by Pulse from Pink Floyd, which fell to #3 after just one week at the top.  TLC's CrazySexyCool was #4 and Live's great album Throwing Copper was #5.  The rest of the Top 10:  The Soundtrack to "Batman Forever" moved from 15-6, the debut from John Michael Montgomery came in seventh, Soul Asylum was at 8 with Let Your Dim Light Shine, the great second album from Boyz II Men was at 9 and another great one from Blues Traveler, four, entered the Top 10.

1995:  Wolfman Jack, one of the most famous disc jockeys of the Rock Era and host of the popular Midnight Special, died in Belvidere, North Carolina at the age of 51.
 1999:  John Popper, harmonica player of Blues Traveler, experienced chest pains and underwent angioplasty at a hospital in Los Angeles.  The band postponed concerts for a month.

1999:  Guy Mitchell, one of the early stars of the Rock Era, died in Las Vegas at the age of 72 of complications from cancer surgery.
2000:  Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band performed at Madison Square Garden in New York City.
2000:  Kylie Minogue had the top song in the U.K., with "Spinning Around", a song written by Paula Abdul.
2000:  Michael "Cub" Koda of Brownsville Station ("Smokin' In The Boys' Room" from 1973) died from kidney disease in Chelsea, Michigan at the age of 51.  (Note:  some websites mistakenly say he died June 30.  He became seriously ill on June 30 but died July 1, according to the newspaper 'The Los Angeles Times'.)
2001:  Ron Wood of the Rolling Stones was asked to paint a group portrait of regular diners at the Ivy, a West End restaurant in London.  Elton John and Neil Tennant of the Pet Shop Boys were two of the regular customers who were to be painted.
2002:  Six stamps designed by Sir Paul McCartney went on sale in the Isle of Man--all proceeds went to the charity Adopt-A Mine field.

2003:  Herbie Mann ("Hijack") died of prostate cancer in Pecos, New Mexico at the age of 73.  (Note:  the notorious '' falsely says he died in Santa Fe, New Mexico.  According to the much more reliable newspaper 'The New York Times', he died in his cabin in Pecos.)
2004:  In today's episode of "Inmates Run Rap Music", rapper Ja Rule was arrested and changed with marijuana possession and driving with a suspended license.

2005:  Soul singer/songwriter/producer Luther Vandross died at the JFK Medical Center in Edison, New Jersey at the age of 54.  He had suffered a major stroke two years before.
2005:  Renaldo "Obie" Benson of the Four Tops died of lung cancer in Detroit, Michigan at the age of 69.
2006:  Robert Cray and Suzanne Vega performed at the inaugural Hyde Park Calling festival in London.
2006:  Busta Rhymes had the top album with Big Bang.
2008:  Rolf Harris ("Tie Me Kangaroo Down, Sport") was inducted into the Australian Recording Industry Hall of Fame.  Not so fast.  In 2014, his place in the ARIA Hall of Fame was taken when he was found guilty of 12 counts of indecent assault against four girls.
2008:  Mel Galley, guitarist for Whitesnake, died from cancer of the esophagus at the age of 60 in Cannock, Staffordshire.
2010:  The Eagles were in concert at the Verizon Center in Little Rock, Arkansas.

Born This Day:
1915:  Willie Dixon, blues singer and guitarist who wrote "I Can't Quit You Baby", a song Led Zeppelin later did, was born in Vicksburg, Mississippi; died of heart failure in Burbank, California January 29, 1992.
1932:  Bobby Day, who wrote and sang "Rockin' Robin", was born in Fort Worth, Texas; died of cancer July 27, 1990 in Los Angeles.
1939:  Delaney Bramlett of Delaney & Bonnie was born in Pontotoc, Mississippi; died December 27, 2008 in Los Angeles from complications of gall bladder surgery.

1945:  Debbie Harry of Blondie was born in Miami, Florida.
1946:  June Montiero, singer with the Toys ("A Lover's Concerto"), was born in Queens, New York.
1948:  John Ford of the Strawbs was born in Fulham, London, England.
1951:  Fred Schneider, lead vocalist of the B-52's, was born in Newark, New Jersey.
1952:  Dan Aykroyd of the Blues Brothers and of course Saturday Night Live was born in Ottawa, Canada.
1952:  Leon Chancler, session drummer and percussionist, was born in Shreveport, Louisiana; played on "Billie Jean" for Michael Jackson and also worked with Donna Summer, Santana, Frank Sinatra, Kenny Rogers, Lionel Richie, Miles Davis, Herbie Hancock and many others
1960:  Ted Key, original bassist of the Housemartins, was born in Kingston upon Hull, East Riding of Yorkshire, England.
1963:  Roddy Bottum (real name Roswell Christopher), keyboardist for Faith No More, was born in Los Angeles.

1971:  Missy Elliott was born in Portsmouth, Virginia.
1971:  Adam MacDougall, keyboardist of the Black Crowes, was born in New York City.

Hits List: Eurythmics

Here's one of the most successful artists of the 1980's, the complete Hits List for the Eurythmics:

1981:  "Never Gonna' Cry Again" (#63 U.K.)
1982:  "This Is the House"
           "The Walk"
           "Love Is a Stranger" (#23, #6 U.K., #12 Germany, #17 Australia, #15 Canada, #20 New Zealand, #13 Netherlands, #4 Ireland,)--underrated.

1983:  "Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)" (#1, #2 U.K., #4 Germany, #6 Australia, #1 Canada, #2 New Zealand, #9 Netherlands, #2 Ireland)
           "Who's That Girl?" (#21, #3 U.K., #19 Germany, #20 Australia, #15 Canada, #13 New Zealand, #28 Netherlands, #5 Ireland)
            "Right by Your Side" (#29, #10 U.K., #61 Germany, #15 Australia, #39 Canada, #9 New Zealand, #20 Netherlands, #15 Ireland)

1984:  "Here Comes the Rain Again" (#4, #8 U.K., #14 Germany, #16 Australia, #7 Canada, #32 New Zealand, #8 Ireland)
           "Sexcrime (Nineteen Eighty-Four)" (#81, #4 U.K., #3 Germany, #5 Australia, #18 Canada, #8 New Zealand, #10 Netherlands, #4 Ireland)
1985:  "Julia" (#44 U.K., #17 Ireland)
           "Would I Lie to You?" (#5, #17 U.K., #34 Germany, #1 Australia, #5 Canada, #5 New Zealand, #23 Netherlands, #10 Ireland)
           "There Must Be an Angel (Playing with My Heart)" (#22, #1 U.K., #4 Germany, #3 Australia, #12 Canada, #5 New Zealand, #4 Netherlands, #1 Ireland)
           "Sisters Are Doin' It for Themselves" (with Aretha Franklin) (#18, #9 U.K., #22 Germany, #15 Australia, #33 Canada, #6 New Zealand, #20 Netherlands, #5 Ireland)

1986:  "It's Alright (Baby's Coming Back)" (#78, #12 U.K., #22 Germany, #32 Australia, #37 Canada, #18 New Zealand, #20 Netherlands, #8 Ireland)
           "When Tomorrow Comes" (#30, #22 Germany, #7 Australia, #19 New Zealand, #19 Netherlands, #13 Ireland)
           "Thorn in My Side" (#68, #5 U.K., #26 Germany, #12 Australia, #41 Canada, #7 New Zealand, #2 Ireland)
           "The Miracle of Love" (#23 U.K. #53 Germany, #14 Australia, #30 New Zealand, #31 Netherlands, #10 Ireland)
1987:  "Missionary Man" (#14, #31 U.K., #9 Australia, #13 Canada, #12 New Zealand, #13 Ireland)
           "Beethoven (I Love to Listen To)" (#25 U.K., #28 Germany, #13 Australia, #6 New Zealand, #11 Ireland)
           "Shame" (#41 U.K., #53 Germany, #39 Australia, #23 New Zealand)
1988:  "I Need a Man" (#46, #26 U.K., #78 Australia, #14 Canada, #19 New Zealand, #23 Ireland)
           "You Have Placed a Chill in My Heart" (#64, #16 U.K., #55 Canada, #31 New Zealand, #15 Ireland)
1989:  "Revival" (#26 U.K., #33 Germany, #14 Australia, #21 New Zealand, #25 Netherlands, #14 Ireland)
           "Don't Ask Me Why" (#40, #25 U.K., #56 Germany, #35 Australia, #13 Canada, #17 Ireland)
1990:  "The King and Queen of America" (#29 U.K., #51 Germany, #72 Australia, #33 Netherlands, #23 Ireland)
           "Angel" (#23 U.K., #56 Canada, #25 Ireland)
           "(My My) Baby's Gonna' Cry" (#58 Canada)
1999:  "I Saved the World Today" (#11 U.K., #85 Australia, #33 New Zealand, #23 Ireland)
2000:  "17 Again" (#27 U.K., #73 Germany, #57 Canada, #43 Ireland)
           "Peace Is Just a Word"
           "Power to the Meek"

2005:  "I've Got a Life" (#14 U.K., #38 Ireland)

Hits List: Survivor

Survivor includes Jim Peterik, who sang vocals on the #1 hit for the Ides of March, "Vehicle" in 1970.  The group received one of those once-in-a-lifetime breaks when actor Sylvestor Stallone contacted them about writing a song for his upcoming movie Rocky III.  Survivor was on the map and they made the most of it.  Here is their complete Hits List:

1980:  "Somewhere in America" (#70)
           "Rebel Girl"
1981:  "Poor Man's Son" (#33)
1982:  "Summer Nights" (#62)
           "Eye of the Tiger" (#1, #1 Mainstream Rock, #27 Adult Contemporary, #1 U.K.)
           "Ever Since the World Began"
           "American Heartbeat" (#17)
           "The One That Really Matters" (#74)
1983:  "Caught in the Game" (#77, #16 Mainstream)
1984:  "The Moment of Truth" (#63)
           "I Can't Hold Back" (#13, #1 Mainstream, #80 U.K.)

1985:  "High on You" (#8, #8 Mainstream)
           "The Search Is Over" (#4, #1 Adult Contemporary)
           "First Night" (#53)
           "Burning Heart" (#2, #11 Mainstream, #5 U.K.)
1986:  "Is This Love" (#9, #27 Mainstream, #25 AC)
1987:  "How Much Love" (#51)
           "Man Against the World" (#86)
1988:  "Didn't Know it Was Love" (#61, #40 Mainstream)
1989:  "Across the Miles" (#74, #16 AC)
2007:  "Eye of the Tiger" (re-entry--#47 U.K.)

The Top 100 Adult Contemporary Artists of the 1980's

Inside the Rock Era has done The Top 100 Adult Contemporary Songs of the 1980's*.  This is where we add it all up and divvy up credit where credit is due.  Beginning tomorrow, we'll present The Top 100 AC Artists of the 80's*, with 10 featured each day.

It will load onto the web site at midnight MST each day, so even though we'll be busy on July 4th with the 4th of July Tribute to America's Contribution to the Rock Era*, it won't interfere with The Top 100 Adult Contemporary Artists*--that will continue to come onto the site at midnight July 3, then enjoy the full day of 700+ songs on July 4, then at midnight, the next segment of the AC Artists special.

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This Date in Rock Music History: June 30

1956:  Fats Domino remained at #1 for a seventh week on the R&B chart with "I'm In Love Again".
1958:  "Yakety Yak" by the Coasters was the new #1 R&B song.
1962:  Ray Charles made it six weeks in a row on top the R&B chart with "I Can't Stop Loving You".

1962:  Charles' song was #1 on both the Popular chart and the Easy Listening chart for the fifth consecutive week.
1966:  The Supremes recorded "You Keep Me Hangin' On". 
1966:  The Beatles performed the first of three nights at the Nippon Budokan in Tokyo, Japan.
1967:  Vanilla Fudge made their live debut at Action House in Island Park, New York, in the first of three shows opening for the 5th Dimension.  (Note:  some websites claim the group made their live debut July 22, but according to the official website for Vanilla Fudge, their first show was June 30 in Island Park.) 
1969:  Fleetwood Mac performed in the show "Pop Proms" at the Royal Albert Hall in London.

1971:  CCR released the single "Sweet Hitch Hiker" on Fantasy Records.
1972:  The Rolling Stones opened a tour in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.  The disease spread as 2,000 fans rioted, and the Stones walked off stage after only 30 minutes.
1973:  The Spinners held on to #1 on the R&B chart for a fourth week with "One Of A Kind (Love Affair)".

1973:  George Harrison returned to #1 as a solo artist with "Give Me Love (Give Me Peace On Earth)", overtaking ex-Beatle teammate Paul McCartney & Wings, who fell to #2 with "My Love".  Piano whiz Billy Preston, who played with the Beatles on "Get Back" as well as other songs, moved up to 3 with "Will It Go 'Round In Circles".  Soul great Barry White had #4--"I'm Gonna' Love You Just A Little More Baby" while Paul Simon moved up to 5 with "Kodachrome".  The rest of the Top 10:  Sylvia was at 6 with "Pillow Talk", Clint Holmes had #7 with "Playground In My Mind", the Doobie Brothers slid up to #8 with "Long Train Runnin'", Dr. John was in the "Right Place Wrong Time" at #9 while Three Dog Night scored their 10th Top 10 song and 16th hit with "Shambala".

1975:  A new female singer with a familiar last name released her first single.  On this date, Natalie Cole released "This Will Be".

1975:  The Jackson 5 announced they were leaving Motown for Epic Records.  Since Motown owned their name, the group would change it to the Jacksons.
1975:  Cher married Gregg Allman, four days after divorcing Sonny Bono.
1977: Marvel Comics issued a comic book based on the group KISS.
1978:  Jethro Tull, Robert Palmer and Flo & Eddie performed on the smash television show Midnight Special.
1979:  Anne Murray remained at #1 for a third week on the AC chart with "Shadows In The Moonlight".
1981:  Doctors discovered a gaping two-inch hole in the stomach of Jerry Lee Lewis after he was rushed to the hospital.
1983:  The Everly Brothers announced they had reunited and would play a concert at London's Royal Albert Hall for the first time in 10 years.
1984:  Lionel Richie's "Stuck On You" was the fastest-climbing song, rising from 72 to 49.
1984:  "When Doves Cry from Prince took over at #1 on the R&B chart.
1984:  Two remarkable lead singers--Heart's Ann Wilson and Loverboy's Mike Reno, combined for the new #1 Adult Contemporary song--"Almost Paradise" from the outstanding "Footloose" Soundtrack.
1984:  Sports by Huey Lewis & the News became the new #1 album, topping the Soundtrack to "Footloose", which stepped down after 10 weeks.  Bruce Springsteen was up to 3 after just two weeks on the chart with Born in The U.S.A. while the super Lionel Richie album Can't Slow Down was #4.  The Cars had a super album at #5--Heartbeat City.
1986:  Madonna released the outstanding album True Blue on Sire Records.
1986:  Steve Winwood released the album Back in the High Life.
1989:  The surviving members of the Beatles brought a suit against Dave Clark (formerly of the Dave Clark Five) to prevent him from selling copies of the television show Ready Steady Go! that featured the Beatles.

                                         Billy Idol reached the Top 10...

1990:  New Kids on the Block hit #1 with "Step By Step", moving the great Roxette song "It Must Have Been Love" out of the top spot.  Bell Biv DeVoe remained at 3 while Phil Collins moved up with "Do You Remember?" and Wilson Phillips grasped on to #5 with "Hold On".  The rest of the Top 10:  A different "Hold On", this one by En Vogue, moved up to 6, After 7 had #7 with "Ready Or Not", Taylor Dayne was at 8 with "I'll Be Your Shelter", Glenn Medeiros moved into the Top 10 with "She Ain't Worth It" and Billy Idol reached the Top 10 for the fourth time in his career with "Cradle Of Love". 


1992:  Boyz II Men released the single "End Of The Road".

1994:  Stone Gossard and Jeff Ament of Pearl Jam testified at a congressional hearing about rising concert ticket prices.
1996:  Neil Young premiered his new album Broken Arrow on the Internet.
1999:  Eric Clapton performed a concert to benefit his rehab center in Antigua.
2003:  Fans everywhere were encouraged when Luther Vandross said his first words after his stroke that forced him into a coma.  Sadly, Luther died two years later.
2004:  Raz-B, a singer with B2K, was arrested and charged with assault with a deadly weapon and battery causing serious bodily injury.
2004:  Dave Davies, founding member of the Kinks, suffered a massive stroke which paralyzed the right side of his body.
2004:  Gloria Estefan announced that she would be through touring at the conclusion of her Live and Rewrapped Tour.
2004:  Fantasia had the top song with "I Believe"/"Chain Of Fools".
2007:  R.E.M. played the first of five concerts at the Olympia Theatre in Dublin, Ireland.

Born This Day:
1941:  Larry Henley of the Newbeats ("Bread And Butter" from 1964), was born in Arp, Texas; died of Lewy Body Dementia in Nashville, Tennessee December 18, 2014.  

1943:  Florence Ballard of the Supremes was born in Detroit, Michigan.

1944:  Glenn Shorrock, lead singer of the Little River Band, was born in Chatham, Kent, England.  (Note:  some websites report Shorrock was born in Rochester, Kent.  While there are no credible sources for either place, our best research indicates he was born in Chatham.)
1946:  Billy Brown of Ray, Goodman and Brown ("Special Lady" in 1980) was born in Perth Amboy, New Jersey.

1949:  Andy Scott, the great guitar player of Sweet, was born in Wrexham, Wales.

1951:  Stanley Clarke, bass guitarist who teamed with George Duke for the 1981 hit "Sweet Baby", was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
1953:  Hal Lindes, who became the guitarist of Dire Straits in 1981 in time for their Making Movies album, was born in Monterey, California.
1956:  Phillip Adrian Wright of the Human League was born in Sheffield, Yorkshire, England.  (Note:  some websites report Phillip was born in Wakefield, England.  According to 'MTV', he was born in Sheffield.  Several websites naively say his county of birth was Yorkshire or South Yorkshire.  Sheffield was located in the county of West Riding of Yorkshire until 1974, when its county became known as South Yorkshire.  Since Phillip was born in 1956, 18 years before the change took place, you will never see South Yorkshire listed as Wright's County of Birth on his official birth certificate.)
1957:  Doug Sampson, drummer of Iron Maiden, was born in Hackney, London, England.
1968:  Philip Anselmo, lead singer of Pantera, was born in New Orleans, Louisiana.
1969:  Tom Drummond, bassist and vocalist of Better Than Ezra, was born in Shreveport, Louisiana.
1983:  Cheryl Cole, singer/songwriter with Girls Aloud, was born in Newcastle upon Tyne, Tyne and Wear, England.

1984:  Fantasia Monique Barrino, winner of "American Idol" in the third season, was born in High Point, North Carolina.

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This Date in Rock Music History: June 29

1956:  Elvis Presley sang "Hound Dog" on The Steve Allen television show.

1957:  Buddy Holly began recording "Peggy Sue" in Clovis, New Mexico.
1957:  Dick Clark announced he was scheduling a series of Caravan of Stars.
1959:  This artist would go on to score 30 hits in the Rock Era, but on this date he first appeared on the chart with his debut single--"Kissin' Time"--Bobby Rydell.
1959:  "Personality" by Lloyd Price reached #1 on the R&B chart.

1959:  "The Battle Of New Orleans" by Johnny Horton held down #1 for a 6th week.  "Personality" by Lloyd Price was a strong #2 for a third week with "Lonely Boy" from Paul Anka closing to #3 and "Dream Lover" by Bobby Darin coming in at #4. 
1961:  Del Shannon had the top song in the U.K. with "Runaway".

1963:  The Surfaris rode the wave from 86 to #51 with their great instrumental "Wipe Out".

1963:  "Surf City" crashed the Top 10 for Jan & Dean, moving from 20 to 10.
1966:  Neil Diamond made his national television debut on the ABC television show American Bandstand.
1966:  The Beatles gave a concert in Tokyo and over 500 police were needed to keep fans from the stage.
1967:  Graham Nash wrote the song "Marrakesh Express" while on tour with the Hollies in Yugoslavia.
1967:  Keith Richards of the Rolling Stones was found guilty of allowing his property to be used for smoking marijuana and was fined and sentenced to one year in jail.  Fellow jailbird Mick Jagger was found guilty of illegal possession of pep pills and was sentenced to three months behind bars.
1968:  Pink Floyd performed a free show in London's Hyde Park to promote their new album A Saucerful of Secrets.  Jethro Tull and T. Rex also performed.
1968:  Aretha Franklin urged people to "Think" with her third week at #1 on the R&B chart.

1968:  Herb Alpert owned the #1 Adult song for the fourth straight week--"This Guy's In Love With You".

                                           "Old Friends"/Bookends Theme"...

1968:  The great album Bookends by Simon & Garfunkel took over from the soundtrack to The Graduate as the #1 album.  The Beat of the Brass from Herb Alpert & the Tijuana Brass was still 3, Disraeli Gears from Cream was #4 and Honey by Bobby Goldsboro was #5.
1969:  The Jimi Hendrix Experience played in public for the final time at the Denver Pop Festival in Colorado.  Also playing that night were Three Dog Night and Joe Cocker.
1969:  Led Zeppelin played two concerts at the Royal Albert Hall in London.
1969: Shorty Long ("Here Comes The Judge"), singer, songwriter, musician and producer for Motown Records, drowned at the age of 29 when his sailboat sank off of Sandwich Island in Ontario, Canada.  (Note:  some websites report Long died in Detroit, Michigan.  He died on the Ontario side of the Detroit River.)

1970:  We would soon find all about a bright new talent from Canada.  Anne Murray released her first  single "Snowbird" on this date.

1970:  Chicago released the single "25 Or 6 To 4".
1973:  Vocalist Ian Gillan and bassist Roger Glover left Deep Purple following a concert in Osaka, Japan.
1974:  Neil Peart replaced John Rustey on drums for Rush.

1974:  Three superb songs made their first entry into the Top 10 on this date--it was a great summer for music.  The Hues Corporation had "Rock The Boat" moving from 12-6, George McCrae's great song "Rock Your Baby" slid up from 15-9 and John Denver climbed up from 27 to 10 with "Annie's Song".

1974:  Gordon Lightfoot scored his second #1 as "Sundown" hit the top spot in the country. 
1975:  The Doobie Brothers and Eagles performed in Oakland, California.  Elton John dropped by to sing a song with each group.
1976:  Elvis Presley Boulevard was dedicated in Memphis, Tennessee.
1976:  Jefferson Starship released their album Spitfire.

1976:  Boz Scaggs released the single "Lowdown".
1977:  Fleetwood Mac performed in Madison Square Garden in Manhattan, New York.
1978:  Peter Frampton was injured in a serious car crash in the Bahamas, suffering a broken arm and cracked ribs.

1979:  Lowell George died of a heart attack brought on by drugs at the age of 34 while on tour with Little Feat in Arlington, Virginia.
1980:  The Eagles were in concert at the Civic Auditorium in Santa Monica, California.
1984:  Motown Records shipped two million copies of the Jacksons' album Victory.
1984:  Bruce Springsteen performed at the Civic Center in St. Paul, Minnesota.
1985:  Mick Jagger and David Bowie began recording their remake of the Martha & the Vandellas classic "Dancing In The Street".  (Note:  several websites falsely say the song was recorded only on the 29th.  The duo started recording on the 29th, but it was not completed until 13 hours later, which took them into the morning of the 30th.)
1985:  U2 played at Droke Park in Dublin, Ireland.

                               The Eurythmics had another Top 10 song...

1985:  Bryan Adams remained at #1 with "Heaven", holding off Phil Collins and "Sussudio".  Duran Duran edged to #3 with "A View To A Kill" while Prince & the Revolution were stuck at 4 with "Raspberry Beret".  The rest of the Top 10:  Madonna had her seventh hit and sixth Top 10 in a row with "Angel", Survivor moved up nicely from 10-6 with "The Search Is Over", Tears for Fears were down to 7 with their former #1 "Everybody Wants To Rule The World", the Eurythmics entered the Top 10 with "Would I Lie To You?" (moving from 14-10), Howard Jones came in at #9 with "Things Can Only Get Better" and the Mary Jane Girls were "In My House".
1991:  Paul Abdul commanded the top spot with "Rush, Rush" for a third week in a row. 
1991:  Cher had the top album in the U.K. with Love Hurts.
1991:  When you're on top of both the Popular chart and the Adult Contemporary chart, you own about 2/3 of the rock audience.  That's what Paula Abdul had when "Rush, Rush" reached #1 on the AC chart.
1994:  Barbra Streisand garnered $16 million in sales from concerts at New York City's Madison Square Garden, setting a record for the largest-grossing concert series of all-time.
1996:  Record producer George Martin of the Beatles received Knighthood in Great Britain.

                                                      "Let It Flow"...

                                    "You're Makin' Me High"...

1996:  It was a pretty solid Top 10 other than the #1 song, which was highly overrated.  Toni Braxton had a huge double-sided #2 smash with "You're Makin' Me High" and "Let It Flow".  Tracy Chapman remained at 3 with "Give Me One Reason".  The rest of the Top 10:  "Always Be My Baby" from Mariah Carey was her 19th hit, her 15th Top 10 and, being a former #1, it was her 11th chart-topper, "Because You Loved Me" was another former #1 from Celine Dion at #6, Adam Clayton & Larry Mullen teamed up for the "Theme From 'Mission:  Impossible", Los Del Rio entered the Top 10 for the first time after 28 weeks on the chart with "Macarena" (It would go on to become one of the biggest hits of the Rock Era), the Tony Rich Project slipped to #9 with their smash "Nobody Knows" and Alanis Morissette was at 10 with "Ironic".
1997:  Sheryl Crow, Sting and Van Morrison highlighted the final day of the Glastonbury Festival in England.
1999:  Leif Garret was arrested at an apartment in Los Angeles for drug possession.
1999:  Michael Jackson suffered severe bruises as the result of a 50-foot fall when a bridge collapsed at Olympic Stadium in Munich, Germany.
2000:  Trouble was catchy once you joined the Rolling Stones.  Ron Wood checked himself into a rehab center for alcohol addiction.
2000:  Nine people were trampled to death and 26 were injured after falling in the mud in front of the stage at a Pearl Jam concert at the Roskilde Festival near Copenhagen, Denmark.  (Note:  some websites report that eight people died.  The official count was nine, according to the magazine 'Rolling Stone'.)
2003:  Robbie Williams performed in front of 62,000 fans in Murrayfield Stadium in Edinburgh, Scotland.
2003:  Beyonce had the top album in the U.K. with Dangerously in Love.

2003:  Monica owned the #1 U.S. album with After the Storm.
2004:  Beyonce captured Best Female R&B artist, Jay-Z won Best Male Hip-Hop Artist and "Crazy In Love" won for Best Collaboration at the BET Awards.  Outkast was named Best Group while their single "Hey Ya!" won for Video of the Year.
2006:  In today's edition of "Inmates Run Rap Music", DMX was sentenced to return home (jail) in White Plains, New York after he failed to appear at a traffic violation hearing.  Then he could be with all of his "homies"!
2008:  Neil Diamond, John Mayer, Gilbert O'Sullivan and the Verve headlined the closing day of the U.K. Glastonbury Festival.

Born This Day:
1938:  Billy Storm of the Alley Cats was born in Dayton, Ohio.
1940:  L. Russell Brown, who wrote "Tie A Yellow Ribbon 'Round The Ole Oak Tree", "C'mon Marianne" and others, was born in Newark, New Jersey.

1943:  Little Eva was born in Belhaven, North Carolina; died April 10, 2003, 18 months after being diagnosed with cervical cancer.
1948:  Ian Paice, drummer of Deep Purple and Whitesnake, was born in Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England.

1953:  Colin Hay of Men at Work was born in Saltcoats, Scotland.  (Note:  several websites mistakenly say he was born in Kilwinning, Scotland.  According to Colin on his official website, he was born in Saltcoats.)
1960:  Evelyn "Champagne" King ("Shame" from 1978) was born in the Bronx, New York.
1978:  Nicole Scherzinger, lead singer of the Pussycat Dolls, was born in Honolulu, Hawai'i.
1979:  Tim McCord, bass guitarist for Evanescence, was born in Sacramento, California.  (Note:  some websites claim Tim McChord of Evanescence was born on this date.  The group has never had a bass player by that name--the correct spelling is McCord.)
1979:  Richard Breen, singer for Five, was born in London.