Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The Best Christmas Songs of All-Time--December 13

"The 12 Days of Christmas"
by the Ray Conniff Singers

Anyone who does this song needs to make it real and jubilant because otherwise, interest wanes fast.  Ray Conniff & Singers are one of a select few that have made this song popular.  There is so much vocal talent in this group and they sing it like they want to.

  "Hark the Herald Angels Sing"
by Amy Grant

One of Amy's best Christmas songs, she lends credibility and joy to this holiday favorite.

"Please Come Home for Christmas"
by the Eagles

It is difficult to take someone else's song and do a better version.  There's so few examples of that, but in 1978, the Eagles released this song, which reached #18 among all the songs out at the time.  Charles Brown, who co-wrote it with Gene Redd and had done it originally, only got to #76 with his version.

"The Little Drummer Boy"
by Perry Como

Como, one of the top Christmas singers of all-time already, conveyed the deep meaning of the lyrics by slowing the song down.

"My Favorite Things"
by the Supremes

This song was one of the great tracks on the all-time favorite movie and soundtrack Sound of Music.  Interestingly enough, it has become a Christmas favorite and there is no better version than that of the Supremes.

"Do You Hear What I Hear"
by Whitney Houston

Bing Crosby has the best version of this, but Whitney's isn't far behind.

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