Friday, January 20, 2012

The Top 100 R&B Songs of the 1970's Starts Sunday!

This seemed like a great feature to do.  When we began researching the information and looking at the songs, it got even better.  There are a lot of great songs that didn't make the Top 100, and that's how you judge quality.  Every one of The Top 100 Songs* has a lot going for it, from #100 to #1.  The songs are all great.  Keep in mind that this is but one segment, one genre of the Rock Era.  There are some songs that were only big R&B songs and there are others that were bigger on the mainstream chart than they were on the R&B chart.  It's important to know that the songs were ranked on how they performed on the R&B chart and not the mainstream popular chart.

But any way you look at it, these 100 songs are fantastic.  Be sure to check in every day as we'll present 10 songs per day.

The Top 100 R&B Songs of the 1970's*--starting Sunday on Inside the Rock Era!

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