Sunday, June 10, 2012

New Featured Unknown/Underrated Song of the Rock Era: "Be My Lady Tonight" by Gregg Arrell

This singer-songwriter from Portland, Oregon put out a great release that was generally ignored by radio.  We at KFXD played the song and our listeners loved it--it was a Top 5 song for us.  I apologize for the song being recorded from an old-school LP; I have been trying to find this song for quite some time and this is the only one available.  Shows how Unknown it is!
"Be My Lady Tonight"
Gregg Arrell

Words and Music by Gregg Arrell

I know there's something wrong with you...
I can see it in your smile.
I don't want to say the things you want to hear,
All I want is just a while to make it all right.  
Be My Lady Tonight

Don't walk away, you say that you're leaving (don't leave me now)
Don't waste your life on pride.
Don't be afraid to say that you need me,
We all need someone in our lives.

It's hard for me to say these things...
when you've heard 'em all before.
All I want to do is hold you up to me
'Til we see the morning light.
Then you say it's right
To Be My Lady Tonight.


So Be My Lady Tonight...

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