Monday, May 6, 2013

Discography: Donovan

Certainly one of the most unique artists with one of the most distinct voices is Donovan.  He had a style all his own.  Here is the complete Discography from Donovan:

1965:  What's Bid Did and What's Bin Hid (Catch the Wind in U.S.)
1966:  Sunshine Superman

1967:  Mellow Yellow
           A Gift from a Flower to a Garden (Box Set)
1968:  The Hurdy Gurdy Man
1969:  Barabajagal
1970:  Open Road 
1971:  H.M.S. Donovan
1973:  Cosmic Wheels
           Essence to Essence
1974:  7-Tease
1976:  Slow Down World
1977:  Donovan
1980:  Neutronica
1981:  Love Is Only Feeling
1984:  Lady of the Stars
1993:  One Night in Time
1994:  The Children of Lir
1996:  Sutras
1998:  The Fairy Tales of Hermann Hesse (Audiobook)

2003:  Pied Piper
2004:  Sixty Four:  The Donovan Archive Volume 1
2004:  Beat Cafe
2005:  Brother Sun, Sister Moon

2010:  Ritual Groove

Live Albums:
1968:  Donovan In Concert
1973:  Live in Japan:  Spring Tour 1973
           Live in Tokyo '73
1990:  Rising
1992:  Live in Concert
1998:  Donovan in Concert (Going For)
2001:  Rising Again
           Greatest Hits Live:  Vancouver 1986

1966:  The Real Donovan
1967:  Sunshine Superman
           Universal Soldier
1968:  Like It Is, Was, and Evermore Shall Be
1969:  A Touch of Music a Touch of Donovan
           The World of Donovan
           Donovan's Greatest Hits
           The Best of Donovan
1970:  Donovan P. Leitch
1971:  Catch the Wind
           Hear Me Now
           Golden Hour of Donovan
1972:  The World of Donovan
1973:  Early Treasures
1975:  The Pye History of British Pop Music:  Donovan
1976:  The Pye History of British Pop Music:  Donovan, Volume 2
           Sunshine Superman/In Concert double album
1977:  Donovan File
1978:  Star Discothek:  Donovan
1981:  Spotlight on Donovan
1982:  The Best of Donovan (double album)
1983:  Minstrel Boy
1986:  Catch the Wind
1987:  Colours
1989:  Donovan's Greatest Hits and More
1990:  The EP Collection
           The Collection
1991:  Colours
1992:  Troubadour:  The Definitive Collection 1964-1976
1993:  The Early Years
           Sunshine Superman:  18 Songs of Love and Freedom
           Wonderful Music of Donovan
1994:  Donovan in Concert
1995:  Live
           Universal Soldier
           Definitive Collection
1996:  Golden Hits
           Peace and Love Songs
1997:  Performance
           Greatest Hits:  Acoustic Live
1998:  Love Is Hot, Truth Is Molten
           The Very Best of Donovan
           Cosmic Wheels
1999:  Atlantis Calling
2000:  Summer Day Reflection Songs
           Super Hits
           Catch the Wind
2001:  Colours:  Live in Concert
2002:  The Very Best of Donovan
           The Very Best of Donovan:  The Early Years
           Sunshine Superman:  The Very Best of Donovan
2003:  Storyteller
           Catch the Wind
2003:  The Great Donovan (Troubadour:  The Definitive Collection 1964-1976)
2004:  Live Re-orchestred
2005:  To Try for the Sun:  The Journey of Donovan (Box Set)
2006:  The Best of Donovan Sunshine Superman--one of the best compilations
2007:  Fairytales and Colours
2008:  Playlist:  The Very Best of Donovan

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