Monday, March 3, 2014

The Top 10 Albums of 1977

The year 1977 was one of the best of the Rock Era for great albums--four from that year are in the all-time Top 100*, including The #1 Album of the Rock Era--Rumours.

But other sensational albums such as Hotel California by the Eagles, The Stranger by Billy Joel, and Bob Seger's breakthrough release Night Moves also made The Top 100*

By the way, if you see a list of the top albums of 1977 that does not contain all four, move along--that list isn't worth your time.  Often magazines and wanna' be websites try to pawn off their favorites as somehow being in the Top 10 for a given year or for all-time; they've been trying to do that for 40 years.  The simple fact remains that even after all the hot air has finally dissipated, their attempts to change history are going to fall on their face--no one wants those albums, doesn't want to listen to those albums, and doesn't want anything to do with those albums.  This would be akin to saying the Chicago Bulls weren't the best NBA team when they had Michael Jordan, when in fact they were.  One looks foolish arguing with success.

So what are the real Top 10?  We don't base our lists on what we think, we base them on what you the public thinks.  And these are The Top 10 Albums of 1977 (note:  Aja by Steely Dan,  Slowhand by Eric Clapton and Running On Empty by Jackson Browne, while all released in 1977, didn't take off until the following year--they became factors in 1978, not 1977.  The debut album by the Clash was released in England in 1977, but not released in the U.S. until 1979)

1.  Rumours
Fleetwood Mac
2.  Hotel California
3.  The Stranger
Billy Joel
4.  Night Moves
Bob Seger
5.  Animals
Pink Floyd
6.  The Grand Illusion
7.  Simple Dreams
Linda Ronstadt
8.  CSN
Crosby, Stills & Nash
9.  J.T.
James Taylor
10.  Foreigner

Honorable Mention:  Book of Dreams by the Steve Miller Band, All 'N' All by Earth, Wind & Fire, Arrival by ABBA, Light of Smiles by Gary Wright, Boats Against The Current by Eric Carmen, Violation by Starz, I Robot by the Alan Parsons Project and Year of the Cat by Al Stewart

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