Thursday, October 16, 2014

You should be noticing a definite uptick in The Top 100 Artists of the Seventies*

So far, many of the artists in our special were successful for just a few years out of the 70's.  As we count our way up, you'll notice that the artists were active and popular for a longer portion of the decade.  That's intuitive that the artist around longer will generally be ranked higher, and you'll be noticing that in the next few artists.  Also, the first few artists that we featured had a few good songs, but beginning with the upcoming artists, they were significant factors in the years they recorded.

We think you'll really begin to enjoy listening to these artists coming up, and we hope you spend the time to listen to each song.  The artist at #84 had several songs that people loved at the time and they still do.  He's one of the top artists to come from Canada, and Inside The Rock Era will feature his great music tomorrow!

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