Monday, November 10, 2014

Calendar Clarification

We have begun extensive research to confirm all the dates shown in the popular Calendar* feature.  Just a heads-up for you DJ's planning your shows this week.

There is conflicting information regarding the premiere of the Elvis Presley movie Love Me Tender at the Paramount Theatre in New York City.  The books Icons of Rock:  An Encyclopedia of the Legends Who Changed Music Forever by Scott Schinder and Andy Schwartz and Elvis:  Day by Day by Peter Guralnick and Ernst Jorgensen state that the movie premiered on November 15.  The newspaper The Examiner and The website also show the premiere as the 15th.  The books The Elvis Movies by James L. Neibaur and Elvis Presley:  A Biography by Kathleen Tracy state that the premiere was on November 16.  This would be a tossup to determine the accurate date, unless those sources all saw the picture of the marquee above, which clearly shows that the premiere was on the 15th...
The marketing was genius--prior to the premiere, there was a large cutout of a mystery figure, and each day leading up to the event, more of the cutout was revealed, until the magnificent cutout of Elvis was finally unwrapped.

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