Saturday, November 22, 2014

August 1-November 30--Inside The Rock Era Now The Most Accurate Log of Rock Era Events in the World

We are well into our extensive research on every news item and information pertaining to musicians and artists in the Rock Era.  We are confident in the work done from Auust through November that this website is now the most accurate Calendar* or music timeline you can find.

You will note that in our daily entries, we point out when there is a discrepancy as to facts contained in the Calendar*, and point out the corroborating confirmations from respected sources.  When we complete this overhaul, Inside The Rock Era will be without question the most reliable source for DJ's who need such information as well as music fans around the world who want to learn more about the Rock Era.  We have looked into reported information from thousands of websites, and when we finish the remaining two/thirds of our work, this website will be more accurate in the items it reports than even Billboard, MTV, and Rolling Stone.  We can say this because we have found numerous mistakes relating to music news on all three of these established leaders in the music business.

We look forward to completing our research, and hope you'll be patient while we correct the errors found on the Internet.

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