Saturday, January 17, 2015

Calendar Correction: Elvis Presley

Heads-up for you DJ's who plan your shows a week in advance.  Other websites show that on January 24, 1957, Elvis Presley recorded ("Let Me Be Your) Teddy Bear".  This is categorically wrong.  He recorded the songs for his Loving You soundtrack album at Paramount Studios in Hollywood, California between January 15 and January 18.  According to the official Graceland website, Presley recorded "Teddy Bear" on January 15.

A gentle reminder:  we will only be publicizing these calendar corrections for a few more months, at which time the Calendar* of Inside The Rock Era will be as accurate as possible to the best of our abilities and using extensive research.  It will certainly be the most accurate source available.  By August of this year, if you continue to use the other popular calendar sites (such as On This Day,, This Day in Music, etc.) and other inaccurate websites such as Rolling Stone, MTV,, VH-1, and Billboard, you're on your own.  All of the above sites that we originally based our Calendar* on contain numerous errors, many with 100 or more errors.

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