Sunday, August 30, 2015

Calendar* Correction: Laura Branigan Birthday

For the past several weeks, Inside The Rock Era has been trying to get to the bottom of a curious mystery.  Up to this point, credible sources such as the newspaper The New York Times and Billboard magazine have listed Laura Branigan's birthday as July 3, 1957, and usually, those are the professional type of sources we use in our Calendar*.  However, in this case, we must differ from them.

Recently, it came to our attention that Branigan, in an effort to appear "younger", had always intentionally lied about her age, saying she was born in 1957.  A fan pointed out that she was born in 1952.  So we began looking into it, attempting to contact her two surviving brothers for clarification.  Neither responded.  However, we did contact Byram Hills High School in Armonk, New York, where Laura went to school.  They confirmed that in fact Branigan was born in 1952, not 1957, so we have corrected our Calendar* to reflect that. 

Branigan died in 2004, 12 years ago.  It is curiously strange that neither of her brothers has stepped forward with the truth.  And it's sad, too, that she (or her manager, agent or record company) felt that she had to lie about her age for people to like her music.

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