Friday, August 28, 2015

Calendar* Correction: Release of Rolling Stones Album 'Tattoo You"

Various dates for the release date of the Rolling Stones album Tattoo You are scattered all over the Internet.  Some say the album was released August 24; others say it was released August 30.  According to the newspaper The New York Times, the album was released August 26.

(Note:  as part of our year-long research into the Calendar* on Inside The Rock Era, we have been pointing out errors in other websites, concerning wrong birthdates, city of birth, date of death, release dates, etc., or sometimes just bad information lurking out there.  When we complete our review next month, we will have pointed out all the bad information for a year, and corrected our own Calendar* as necessary.  After that time, when you want to find out what happened in music news, you will be on your own--enter other websites at your own risk!  We have found numerous errors on all the other comparable websites, including all of the "name" sites.

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