Thursday, August 6, 2015

Explanation of the "Calendar* Corrections"

When Inside The Rock Era began in March of 2011, we assembled the information for our Calendar* feature from some of the top organizations in the music business.  As time went on, we found out that some of those organizations are not, well, so "top".  There are numerous errors in their information.  So last September, we began a year-long project to research each of these items professionally and eliminate or correct all the errors we found.  Since we are correcting the information obtained from companies already recognized as the most reputable in the music business, the result of this project is that this site will be the most reliable source for music news out there.

The Calendar* Corrections you see and have seen over the past year are a result of this project.  By the end of September, we will have gone through every item in the Calendar* with a fine-tooth comb, painstakingly finding and comparing reputable sources for each item.  If there is a discrepancy anywhere on the web, we did further research to ascertain the correct information, and pointed out both the discrepancy and the best, most accurate information we could obtain.  For you DJ's out there, this should keep you from reporting bad information when you assemble your shows. 

This doesn't mean the information is flawless; if you find a factoid you question, please bring it to our attention and we will investigate further.  In some cases, it can be impossible to obtain some facts, especially concerning news that happened 50 or more years ago.  But we will look into everything that is brought up. 

As for Calendar* Corrections, when we finish the project in September, there will be no more, unless you have a concern that we can definitively resolve.

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