Saturday, May 7, 2016

The Top 100 Songs of 1976*: #90-81

We're saluting the great songs of 1976 on Inside The Rock Era.  We started yesterday and feature 10 more:


More, More, More Pt. 1
Andrea True Connection

This song has faded a bit in 40 years, but still strong enough to make The Top 100*.



While you were growing up, this group was always far more popular in Europe than in America.  That began to change with this song, and actually the popularity in America was much greater than program directors could put gauge, as we all saw with the overwhelming success of Mamma Mia!   The musical debuted in 1999 and 17 years later, it is still one of the world's top attractions.


Shower The People
James Taylor

J.T. wrote one of his most enduring songs with this one.


A Little Bit More
Dr. Hook

Just as there is no person named Led Zeppelin or Jethro Tull, there is no person named Dr. Hook.  The guy with the patch on his eye is named Ray Sawyer while Dennis Locorriere sings most of the lead vocals for the group, as he does on Song #87*


This combination of Disco, Funk and Jazz hit a chord with audiences and Brick scored a big Top 10 hit.



Former Animal lead singer Eric Burdon helped formed this innovative band, but they continued to achieve success long after Burdon left in 1970.


I Love Music

The same group that gave us "Love Train" in 1973 also are responsible for this song, which likely explains why all of us are on this website.


Shop Around
Captain & Tennille

The members of this duo both were backing musicians for the Beach Boys at one time.  At the height of their popularity they hosted their own variety series.  The Captain & Tennille turned a former Miracles hit into Gold.


This Masquerade
George Benson

One of the great exponents of "smooth Jazz" that was beginning to become popular owns this song.  Check out the album Breezin' when you get a chance.


Lonely Night (Angel Face)
Captain & Tennille

We heard "Shop Around" two songs ago by the Captain & Tennille.  They were one of the hottest acts of the mid-'70s.

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