Friday, November 25, 2016

Featured Unknown/Underrated Song: "My Kinda' Lover" by Billy Squier

This rocker from Massachusetts released an amazing album in 1981 that's one of the best that a lot of people don't know about.  This song was the third single released from the album, but when it stalled at #45, the song became an easy pick for Inside The Rock Era's favorite feature.

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"My Kinda' Lover"
Billy Squier

Music and Lyrics by Billy Squier

You got me runnin' baby
You give me somethin' way beyond revenue
You put the magic in me
I feel the magic when we do what we do
And oh
I can't do without you for too long
You're my situation
You're my kinda' lover

You keep me all together
You take me out whenever I'm lettin' down
You got the motions baby
I got a notion maybe I'll stick around
And oh
I can never doubt you for too long
I can't see no reason
You're my kinda' lover

When you come 'round I never get down
I fly across the floor
I can see you comin' on me
And I can't ask for more
Rock me, sock me
Baby you got me ridin' to the end
Rake me, shake me
Baby you make me turn me on again

You got my motor racin'
I find my thoughts embracin' your every move
I wanna set you reelin'
I wanna make you feel the way that I do
And oh
I been thinkin' 'bout you for so long
I don't wanna' lose ya
You're my kinda lover

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