Sunday, February 26, 2017

Featured Unknown/Underrated Song*: "Magic" from the Cars

Billboard never figured out how to gauge the popularity of the group.  Case in point:  this smash from the Cars' Heartbeat City album.  Despite monster sales of the album (it was one of the biggest sellers of the year), Billboard shows a peak of #12 for this great song:


Music and Lyrics by Ric Ocasek

Summer turns me upside down
summer summer summer
it's like a merry go round
i see you under the midnight
all shackles and bows
how far will you take it
well no one knows
don't let me go
i got a hold on you tonight

oh oh it's magic
when i'm with you
oh oh it's magic
you know it's true
got a hold on you

Twisted under sideways down
i know you're getting twisted
and you can't calm down
i see you under the midnight
love darts in your eyes
how far can you take it
till you realize
there's magic in your eyes

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