Sunday, March 27, 2011

Hits List: Air Supply

As Music Director and head of Research at KFXD, I oversaw a system that proved to be very accurate in gauging the musical tastes of our listeners.  The research was soon able to "predict" the peak chart position for  a song before it was released within a few places.  Arista Records (Air Supply's label) was aware of this, and asked us to do research on the tracks that were on Air Supply's debut album in the United States.  "All Out of Love" was the song that tested the best, followed by "Every Woman in the World".  After "Lost in Love", Arista released those two singles in that order from the album.  We were given a Platinum Record signifying Air Supply's sales of over one million copies in appreciation of our efforts.

1976:  "Love and Other Bruises"
           "Empty Pages"
1977:  "Do What You Do"
          "That's How the Whole Thing Started"
           "Love and Other Bruises" (re-recorded)
1978:  "Do It Again"
           "What a Life"
1979:  "Lost in Love" (original version)
           "Just Another Woman"
1980:  "Lost in Love" (re-recorded)--#3, #1 for 6 weeks Adult Contemporary
           "All Out of Love" (#2, #5 AC)
           "Every Woman in the World" (#5, #2 AC)
1981:  "The One That You Love" (#1, #2 for 5 weeks AC)
           "Here I Am" (#5, #1 for 3 weeks AC)
1982:  "Sweet Dreams" (#5, #4 AC)
           "Even the Nights Are Better" (#5, #1 for 4 weeks AC)
1983:  "Young Love" (#38, #13 AC)
           "Two Less Lonely People in the World" (#38, #4 AC)
           "Making Love Out of Nothing at All" (#2 for 3 weeks, #2 AC)
1985:  "Just As I Am" (#19, #3 AC)
           "The Power of Love (You Are My Lady)" (#68, #13 AC)
1986:  "Lonely is the Night" (#66, #12 AC)
1991:  "Without You" (#48 AC)
1993:  "Goodbye" (#86, #35 AC)
1995:  "Someone" (#60 AC)
           "The Way I Feel"
2010:  "Dance With Me" (#28 AC)
           "Faith in Love" (#30 AC)

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