Friday, April 15, 2011

The Top 10 Albums of 1978

(In no particular order, although you can see what order they will be when the Top 100 Albums of All-Time* is released on this blog next month.)

Usually I won't list live albums unless it was the first most people had heard from the band, as is the case with the one live album mentioned here.  Also, no Greatest Hits or Soundtracks.

               Foreigner's Double Vision

                Billy Joel's 52nd Street

             Dire Straits' incredible debut

                      Aja by Steely Dan

           Another great debut--from Van Halen

                              After years of workin' hard, Seger was now a full-fledged superstar

                                    With Steve Perry aboard, Journey was destined for greatness

     Eric Clapton's biggest solo album

     Speaking of debuts, the Cars sizzled

Cheap Trick proved to be better live than in the studio

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