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The #88 Album of All-Time in the Rock Era--"Rubber Soul" by the Beatles

Rubber Soul was the sixth studio album from the legendary Beatles, released on December 3,1965.

The album was recorded in just over four weeks in order to be released in time for Christmas, yet it sounds polished.  Prior to this album, the Beatles recorded songs in between tour dates, filming projects or other commitments in their busy schedules.  Beginning with Rubber Soul, the group reserved blocks of time specifically for recording albums.  And this was the first album they did that earns a spot in the Top 100.

The Beatles began to push the limits musically.  Beginning with Rubber Soul, you begin to hear sounds you've never heard in rock music.  And that is why you hear people say that the rock era is divided into everything heard before the Beatles, and everything from the Beatles onward.  They changed music forever.  Everything you hear today is a result of innovations in songwriting and musicianship spurred by the Beatles. 

This album gives the group the opportunity to present their softer side; it contains three of the best love songs of their career--"Michelle", "In My Life" and "Girl".  John Lennon's "Norwegian Wood" is another highlight.

Side One
1.  "I've Just Seen a Face" 2:07
2.  "Norwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown)" 2:05
3.  "You Won't See Me" 3:22
4.  "Think for Yourself"  2:19
5.  "The Word" 2:43
6.  "Michelle" 2:42

Side Two   
1.  "It's Only Love" 1:55
2.  "Girl" 2:33
3.  "I'm Looking Through You" 2:31
4.  "In My Life" 2:27
5.  "Wait" 1:16
6.  "Run for Your Life" 2:18

Musicians on Rubber Soul:

The Beatles
John Lennon--rhythm guitar, six and twelve-string acoustic guitars, harmonium, tambourine, cowbell and maracas
Paul McCartney--bass guitar, lead and acoustic guitars, fuzz bass, piano
George Harrison--lead, rhythm and acoustic guitars, twelve-string electric guitar, sitar
Ringo Starr--drums, tambourine, maracas, Hammond organ

George Martin--piano on "In My Life", harmonium on "The Word"
Mal Evans:  Hammond organ on "You Won't See Me"

Rubber Soul was recorded in June, October and November of 1965 at EMI Studios in London.  It was Produced by George Martin, Martin and Norman Smith mixed the sound while Smith engineered the project.

The album ruled the chart for six weeks and remained in the Top Ten for 14 weeks.  It remained on the album chart for 59 weeks, over a year.  The album has sold six million copies to date and it produced a Track Rating of an even 9.0.  None of those numbers are spectacular in and of themselves, but together, they are impressive enough to give the Beatles the #88 spot for the Rock Era--Rubber Soul.

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