Saturday, July 30, 2011

"Coach" Stephen Kinsey Fund

This has nothing to do with music; the story is featured on our sister blog Blue Through and Through.  Some things are more important than music, and some things are more important than sports.

Bronco Nation has started a fund for Stephen Kinsey, the young boy from Texas who was flown up to Boise last year as part of the Make-A-Wish Foundation program.

Kinsey, 13, was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma in November, 2009 and had his first chemo treatment on Christmas Day of that year. He was flown to Boise along with mother Betsy, father Bryan and siblings Bethany, 10, and Jonathan, 5, for the Boise State-Hawai’i football game last season.

Kinsey was given a sideline pass, was named honorary Boise State football assistant coach, and showered with gifts from Boise State including Bronco bedding, a Bronco jersey with his name on the back, a piece of the famous Blue Turf and a helmet autographed by members of the 2010 Boise State football team.   

All three of the Kinsey children have serious medical issues.   Bethany has a pacemaker and Type 1 diabetes. Jonathan has a pacemaker and asthma.

At the beginning of Stephen's treatment, the doctors told the family that Stephen would have 3-5 years of chemo, if the treatment followed the normal plan. The chemo is causing Stephen to show the beginning signs of diabetes, and as he has one kidney, the doctors have had to reduce the amount of chemo he is receiving. So far the chemo has killed the original tumor, but Stephen still has cancer cells all throughout his body (in his blood).  This current treatment is keeping the cancer the same, and not getting worse, and it is not getting any better either.  His body is getting tired.

The biggest financial need that the Kinsey's have is a second vehicle, specifically a van. Only the father, Bryan, is able to work, because of all the medical appointments.  Having a second vehicle would help with the crazy schedule. Another major financial need are the medical related expenses that occur with all treatments.  Co-payments for numerous hospital and doctor visits, tests and medications not covered by insurance, parking, gas, food, and Lysol wipes and disinfectants needed due to Stephen’s compromised immune system.  Financially, even though they have medical insurance, they are in a severe financial situation.

Both an account at Wells Fargo bank and a PayPal account has been set up for contributions.  Donations may now be deposited into a Wells Fargo business banking account named, "Kinsey Family Donate".  Account number is  5012763511.  It can be done either online from your bank or at any Wells Fargo bank location.  You can contribute by sending money via PayPal at:  

Disclaimer: The account is not set-up as a charity, so deposits can't legally be deducted from your income taxes, just like it would be if you just wrote a check to help out.

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