Saturday, July 30, 2011

Hits List: Grass Roots

This Los Angeles band put together an impressive string of hits in the 60's and early 70's.  Here is the complete Hits List:

1966:  "Mr. Jones (Ballad of a Thin Man)"
           "Where Were You When I Needed You" (#28)
           "Only When You're Lonely" (#96)
1967:  "Tip of My Tongue" 
           "Let's Live for Today" (#8)
           "Things I Should Have Said" (#23)
           "Wake Up, Wake Up"
1968:  "Melody For You"
           "Midnight Confessions" (#5)

1969:  "Bella Linda" (#28)
          "Melody For You" (Re-release)
          "Lovin' Things" (#49) --highly underrated song
          "The River Is Wide" (#31)
           "I'd Wait a Million Years" (#15) --underrated song
           "Heaven Knows" (#24)
1970:  "Walking Through the Country" (#44)
           "Baby Hold On" (#35)
           "Come On and Say It" (#61)
           "Temptation Eyes" (#15) --highly underrated song
1971:  "Sooner or Later" (#9)
           "Two Divided By Love" (#16)
1972:  "Glory Bound" (#34)
           "The Runway" (#39)
            "Anyway the Wind Blows"
1973:  "Love Is What You Make It" (#55)
           "Where There's Smoke There's Fire"
           "We Can't Dance To Your Music"
           "Stealin' Love (In the Night)"
1975:  "Mamacita" (#71)
           "Naked Man"
1976:  "Out in the Open"
1982:  "Here Comes That Feeling Again"
           "She Don't Know Me"
           "Powers of the Night"

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