Monday, March 12, 2012

Anniversary Coming Up March 16

Hard to believe it's been one year since this blog opened up shop but indeed, March 16 is Inside the Rock Era's one-year anniversary.  Then when one looks back on the volume and quality of material, it seems like more than a year.

In any case, once we hit March 16, the daily Calendar, which we have featured each day complete with events, music news, chart and sales records, birthdays and YouTube videos of selected songs, will make its debut as a tab at the top of the web site.  This will allow you at any time to access any day of the year.  Once we have all 366 days loaded, you can access the Calendar at any time by clicking on the Tab that will be placed at the top.

With the basic Calendar already loaded, that will allow us to do more special articles and in-depth stories.  Plus, you have probably noticed that we are keeping you current with important news of 2012, including lists of concerts.  Inside the Rock Era is in the midst of presenting The Top 100 Guitarists of the Rock Era*, and that will run into early May.  We also will be presenting The Top 100 Female Artists of the Rock Era* later this year, and soon after that, The Top One-Hit Wonders of the Rock Era*.  As promised, we will also do a story on The Top 100 Albums in the World, to compare against The Top 100 Albums of the Rock Era* in the United States.

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