Sunday, January 1, 2012

Part Three of The Top Unknown/Underrated Songs of the Rock Era

This unique feature to Inside the Rock Era has grown to the point that we need to make our first split in order to keep your listening experience great and uninterrupted.  This page contains Part Two of The Top Unknown/Underrated Songs of the Rock Era*, with links to all songs.  YouTube videos are always changing, but we will do our level best to keep the links active and current.  If you find one that is a broken link or takes you to a video that is no longer in use, please let us know in the "Comments" section below this post and the main (Now Part 1) Tab of the section.

"New Girl Now" by Honeymoon Suite (from the album Honeymoon Suite)

"No Such Thing" by John Mayer (from the album Room for Squares)

"No Time to Lose" by the Tarney Spencer Band (from the album Run for Your Life)

"Nowhere to Hide" by Eric Carmen (from the album Boats Against the Current)

"One Man, One Woman" by ABBA (From the album The Album)

"Prayer for the Dying" by Seal (From the album Seal)

"Prelude 12/Suite Madame Blue" by Styx (from their album Equinox)

"Question" by the Moody Blues (From the album A Question of Balance)

"Questions 67 and 68" by Chicago (from the album Chicago Transit Authority)

"Rock Music" by Jefferson Starship (from the album Freedom At Point Zero)

"Romeo and Juliet" by Dire Straits (from the album Making Movies)

"Run for the Roses" by Dan Fogelberg (from the album The Innocent Age)

"Seagull" by Bad Company (from the album Bad Company)

"Shine" by Collective Soul (from the album Hints Allegations & Things Left Unsaid)

"Something Happened on the Way to Heaven" by Phil Collins (from the album ...But Seriously)

Link to Part Four of The Top Unknown/Underrated Songs of the Rock Era*:

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