Saturday, March 16, 2013

Shameless Promotion

We've been working on this for a long time, and hope you're looking forward to it.  You've heard and seen One-Hit Wonder features before, but nothing like this.  We believe this will bve the best One-Hit Wonder special ever anywhere, and not just because of sheer numbers.  Most of these features include 100 One-Hit Wonders; ours is 500.  Why 500?  Because we believe there are that many quality one-hot wonders to showcase.

And that gets us to the next and most important point.  Other organizations mock these people.  Probably because they could never come close to being that successful themselves.  It's the age-old adage:  if you're making fun of someone else, it's because you don't have confidence in your own ability.  Rather, we not only celebrate the accomplishments of the One-Hit Wonders, but marvel at them.  For many of them, the surprising thing is that they didn't score more hits--there's plenty of talent here.

We're putting the final touches on this production, and will draw open the curtains Wednesday, March 20 for the opening day.  Please join us for the fun!

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