Saturday, November 2, 2013

Five Best: John Lennon

The lyrical mastermind behind history's most successful artist did some solo projects while the Beatles were still together, but he began his solo career in earnest in 1970.  "Imagine" is not only the best song of his solo career (by far), but one of the best songs anyone has ever done.  The jockeying for position is for the places behind that classic.  For artists with the depth of Lennon, we do a "Ten Best" with a few extras:

1.  Imagine

2.  Woman

3.  Instant Karma

4.  #9 Dream

5.  Whatever Gets You Thru the Night


6.  Working Class Hero


7.  Give Peace A Chance

8.  Mind Games

9.  Happy Xmas (War Is Over)

10.  Watching The Wheels

11.  (Just Like) Starting Over

12.  Nobody Told Me

13.  Jealous Guy

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