Friday, August 29, 2014

The Top 100 Adult Songs of the 70's*--Starts Monday on Inside The Rock Era

The 70's were great in many ways, and one of them is the emergence of Adult Contemporary radio.  The growth of the format is reflected on a simple level from "Easy Listening", as it was called in the early part of the decade, to Adult Contemporary in 1978.  Radio stations realized that Baby Boomers dominated listeners across the country and the world, and the ones that would be successful had to play music that Adults, not teeny-boppers, loved. 

That group grew up on rock and roll as it was originally defined, not what it grew into.  They had evolved, matured, and settled down, and Adult Contemporary music suited them perfectly.  Adult music really came into its own by the time the decade was over in many ways.  Since the format had grown by leaps and bounds as the 70's progressed, our rankings of The Top 100 Adult Songs of the 70's* reflect that change, giving more weight to songs that were released when Adult Contemporary began to dominate.

Nevertheless, there are still plenty of early Adult favorites from the Carpenters, Anne Murray, Olivia Newton-John, and John Denver.  Add in the AC favorites from Billy Joel, Roberta Flack, Neil Diamond, the Bee Gees, Barbra Streisand, Barry Manilow, Poco, and England Dan & John Ford Coley that were out during the high growth time of the format, and you have quite a special.

Be sure to tune in beginning Monday on Inside The Rock Era for the start of The Top 100 Adult Songs of the 70's*.

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