Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Calendar Correction

Most reports, and "this day in history" type websites report that "on September 22, 1965, the Who began a tour of Scandinavia in which lead singer Roger Daltrey punched Keith Moon.  However, in the book 'he Who Concert File, by Joe McMichael and "Irish Jack" Lyons, which is quoted by many other books, McMichael and Lyons report that the tour of Scandanavia began on September 22.

The incident involving Daltrey and Moon happened in Denmark, where the Who performed two shows on September 26, at the Aarhus Hallen in Aarhus, and at the Fredrikstorv in Aalborg.  Daltrey was concerned that the group was using drugs to the detriment of the group's music, and he flushed Moon's drugs down the toilet.  Moon protested, so Daltrey hit him, flattening him with one punch. 

Daltrey was kicked out of the group, but when he apologized the next day, he was reinstated.

Inside The Rock Era has corrected the Calendar to reflect this information.

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