Saturday, December 13, 2014

"Error Rate" in this range of the special...

We've mentioned that, because of the degree to which one places weight on any one factor in evaluating The Top Artists of the 70's, there is an error rate, and that, were you to put more weight on a different factor, the artist would be either below or above where Inside The Rock Era places them.

In the lower portion of the special, the error rate was much higher; in other words, several artists were very close in total points.  In this range, however, it shrinks considerably, to a mere plus or minus three.  Which means Pink Floyd, which we have at #27, could be as high as 24 or as low as 30.  From this point on, the rankings will be more and more accurate.

The music and artists continue to get better--we know you won't want to miss a minute of these next 26 artists.

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