Sunday, January 4, 2015

Just ahead of the amazing Chicago...

You're listening to some of the greatest talent ever produced, all in one place on The Top 100 Artists of the Seventies*.  And while you're enjoying the incredible music of Chicago, we hope you drop by tomorrow for an artist whose music in the decade was even bigger.

When the decade concluded, only the growing legion of this group's fans would have included them in a "Top 10 Artists of the Seventies".  But as time went by, and more and more people discovered their music and hidden gems on their albums, more and more albums sold.  Remember that album sales are a key factor in our formula, and it is those album sales, and those album tracks, that propel this legendary group all the way past Chicago to #4 for the decade.

Their story and super music come your way tomorrow on Inside The Rock Era!

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