Sunday, January 4, 2015


Make sure you listen to all of the songs, all the way through during our special, even if the featured artist isn't one of your "favorites".  Who knows, you may find a song or two you haven't heard before (we feature the great album tracks as well as hits).

Also, and we mentioned this last week but it is especially true as we get into the stratosphere of The Top 70's Artists.  The artists in this range had so many great songs that it can put a strain on your video card.  Unfortunately, technology has yet to catch up with Inside The Rock Era, so we strongly recommend that you:

1.  Defragment your hard drive prior to listening to each remaining artist in the special.

2.  Clear your internet cache prior to listening.

3.  Restart your computer.

4.  Only open one tab on your browser (no other websites) while you listen.

5.  If your sound card freezes, hit "refresh" (F5 on many systems) a couple of times, and your video should be restored.

6.  We hope you thoroughly enjoy each artist!

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