Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Calendar* Clarification: Led Zeppelin

There are several errors on websites relating to a Led Zeppelin concert in 1971 at the Paris Theatre.

Some websites say that they performed at the Paris Theatre in France.  The Paris Theatre where Led Zeppelin performed is in London, according to the band's official website.  Some websites claim the show was broadcast live on 'BBC' television.  It was on radio, on John Peel's program on 'BBC' radio, as indicated above and in the book The Rough Guide to Led Zeppelin by Nigel Williamson.  Williamson also points out that the show was not broadcast live, but later edited by Robert Plant and Jimmy Page for broadcast on April 4.  Some websites claim the show was on February 25.  The concert was not on February 25, but on April 1, as stated by the group's official website.  Further, some websites claim the show was recorded for broadcast on the program "Rock Hour".  It was broadcast on the program "John Peel's In Concert", according to the band's official website.) 

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