Monday, March 16, 2015

Prelude to The Top 500 Songs of the Rock Era*: "Ohio" from Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young

The songs we are featuring today and through the end of the month should get you primed for the greatest music special you've heard in your life, The Top 500 Songs of the Rock Era*.

We are featuring approximately 200 great songs just outside the list.  These songs aren't in order, but they are chosen because they are a great lead-up to the special.

If it were up to us, this song would be in The Top 500*.  We believe it is one of the enduring songs of the last 60 years, written write after the Kent State University protests, in which President Richard Nixon of the United States ordered Ohio National Guard troops in.  Protesters were shocked when the National Guard began shooting at them, killing four.

Neil Young did a masterful job of writing "Ohio", dripping in indignant sarcasm, in a matter of hours, and the song was rush released.

The song doesn't have the airplay to make the elite 500*, but someday perhaps it will...

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