Saturday, April 11, 2015

Calendar* Correction: Elvis Presley Movie Viva Las Vegas

The movie Viva Las Vegas starring Elvis Presley and Ann Margaret certainly stirred up conversation:  about the obvious on-screen chemistry of the two, about their off-screen romance, etc.  There is also much confusion as to the opening of the movie.  Some websites report the movie premiered in New York City on April 20, while some say it premiered May 20.  Some say the movie opened in theaters on April 20, while others say it was May 17, May 20, June 7, or June 17.  The book Elvis Presley:  Silver Screen Icon by Steve Templeton shows that the movie premiered in New York City on April 20, and opened nationally on June 17.  Billboard magazine reports the premiere was April 20, but that doesn't jive with a couple of other reports.  Turner Classic Movies reports that Viva Las Vegas premiered on May 20.  And the newspaper The New York Times printed a review on May 21, 1964.  It is extremely unlikely that The Times would do a review in May on a movie which either premiered or opened in April.  So, while there is conflicting information among credible sources, we believe, based on the review in The New York Times, that the movie premiered in New York City on May 20.  It is then logical that the movie opened nationwide on June 17.

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