Friday, May 22, 2015

Joni Mitchell Not Being Well Served

A few weeks ago, we heard reports that Joni Mitchell was in a coma.  Her handlers hastily responded that "no, she was fine and was about ready to go home."  Now, we have another report that Joni is unresponsive and unable to respond to anyone.

Since Joni obviously can not talk for herself, for whatever reason (if she could, we would have heard from her by now), it is important that those speaking for her do not lie.  It isn't fair to her millions of fans, and it isn't fair to Joni herself.  If she isn't doing well, and is in a downward spiral, what good is it going to do to tell the world that she is doing well?

Joni deserves better.  She deserves for the truth to be told on her behalf.

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