Monday, August 10, 2015

Calendar* Correction: First Police Gig as a Three-Piece

Several websites report that the Police performed as a trio for the first time after guitarist Henri Padovani left the group when they played at Rebecca's in Birmingham, England on August 17, 1977.  Billboard magazine and the book Secrets from the Masters by Don Menn both state that the show was on August 18.  The confusing part about it is that on the official website for the group, bassist Andy Summers says that "On the day Elvis dies we do a gig at Rebecca's in Birmingham," which would of course been on August 16.  But with the nine-hour time difference from Memphis to England, the group may not have heard about it until they woke up that morning, the 17th.  Christopher Sandford, in his book Sting:  Back on the Beat, also says the show was on August 18, refuting Summers' statement that the show was on the day Elvis died.   We have to side with Billboard and Sandford here.

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