Friday, August 14, 2015

Calendar* Correction: Linda Ronstadt Broadway Debut

Several websites claim that Linda Ronstadt debuted on Broadway in the production of The Pirates of Penzance on August 21, 1980.  There are two problems with this.

1.  At the time, Ronstadt was performing the play at the Delacorte Theatre in Central Park in New York City, which ran from July 15 through August 24, according to the book Linda Ronstadt:  A Life In Music by Peter Lewry.  It would be tough for Ronstadt (or anyone in the cast) to be performing in Central Park and on Broadway at the same time.

2.  After finishing its run in Central Park, the play moved to Broadway, but not until the premiere, December 22, 1980 at the Uris Theatre, according to the official website for Playbill.  Thus, on August 21, the play wasn't even playing on Broadway at the time. 

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