Monday, January 2, 2017

Mariah Carey's Damaged Reputation Now in Freefall

Mariah Carey, who's credibility already has been hanging by a thread since her personal meltdown in 2001 committed another blunder New Year's Eve, walking off stage of the annual celebration in Manhattan, New York.

Carey, who chose to lip synch to pre-recorded music, got off track, then gave up and walked off stage. 

To make matters worse, Carey yesterday claimed that Dick Clark Productions "set her up to fail", a change the veteran broadcast group flatly denies.

Carey began her career as one of the most successful artists in recording history under the direction of husband Tommy Mottola.  But after the couple divorced, Carey began writing music that appealed to a tiny segment of the Rock Era audience and her career has mostly floundered ever since.

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