Friday, March 18, 2011

Lineup History: Jefferson Airplane/Starship

Formed:  1965 in San Francisco

Original Lineup:
Marty Balin (1965-1971, 1989)--vocals
Paul Kantner (1965-1973, 1989)--guitar
Signe Anderson (1965-1966)--lead vocals
Jorma Kaukonen (1965-1972, 1989)--guitar
Jerry Peloquin (1965)--drums
Bob Harvey (1965)--bass

Skip Spence (1965-1966)--drums
Jack Casady (1965-1972, 1989)--bass, guitar
Spencer Dryden (1966-1970)--drums
Grace Slick (1966-1972, 1989)--lead vocals
Joey Covington (1970-1971)--drums, vocals
David Freiberg (1971-1973)--vocals, keyboards, bass
Papa John Creach (1970-1972, 1989), electric violin
John Barbara (1972)--drums

Formation of Jefferson Starship in 1974:
Paul Kanter (1974-1984)--guitar
Grace Slick (1974-1978, 1981-1988)--lead vocals
David Freiberg (1974-1984)--vocals, keyboards, bass
Craig Chaquico (1974-1990)--lead guitar
John Barbara (1974-1978)--drums
Peter Kaukonen (1974)--bass, keyboards
Papa John Creach (1974-1975)--electric violin

Pete Sears (1974-1987)--bass, keyboards
Marty Balin (1975-1978)--vocals
Aynsley Dunbar (1978-1982)--drums
Mickey Thomas (1978-1990)--lead vocals
Donny Baldwin (1982-1989)--drums
Brett Bloomfield (1987-1990)--keyboards
Kenny Stayripolous (1989-1990)--drums
Christina Marie Saxton (1989)--vocals
Melisa Kary (1989)--vocals
Band renamed "Starship" in 1987 and continued through 1990.

Mickey Thomas revived the band and tours as Micky Thomas's Starship or Starship Featuring Mickey Thomas

Starship:  The Next Generation formed in 1992, now known as Jefferson Starship
Paul Kantner (1992-current)--vocals, guitar
Jack Casady (1992-2000)--bass
Papa John Creach (1992-died in 1994)--electric violin
Slick Aguilar (1992-)--guitar
Tim Gorman (1992-1995)--keyboards
Prarie Prince (1992-2008)--drums
Darby Gould (1992-)--lead vocals

Marty Balin (1993-2003)--vocals
Diana Mangango (1994-2008)--vocals
Gary Cambra (1995)--keyboards
Barry Flast (1996)--keyboards
T. Lavitz (1999)--keyboards
David Freiberg (2005-2008)--vocals, keyboards, bass
Cathy Richardson (2008-current)--lead vocals
Donny Baldwin (2008-current)--drums
Chris Smith (2010-current)--keyboards

Current Lineup:
Paul Kantner--vocals, guitar
Cathy Richardson--lead vocals
Slick Aguilar--lead guitar
Chris Smith--keyboards
Donny Baldwin--drums

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