Friday, March 18, 2011

Discography: Styx

1972:  Styx
1973:  Styx II
1974:  The Serpent Is Rising
           Man Of Miracles
1975:  Equinox
1976:  Crystal Ball
1977:  The Grand Illusion
1978:  Pieces Of Eight
1979:  Cornerstone
1981:  Paradise Theater
1983:  Kilroy Was Here
1990:  Edge Of The Century
1999:  Brave New World
2003:  Cyclorama
2005:  Big Bang Theory

Live Albums:
1984:  Caught in the Act
1997:  Return to Paradise
2000:  Arch Allies:  Live at Riverport
2001:  Styx World:  Live 2001
2002:  At the River's Edge:  Live in St. Louis
2003:  21st Century Live
2006:  One With Everything:  Styx and the Contemporary Youth Orchestra

Compilation Albums:
1977:  Best of Styx (Does contain a great early song, "You Need Love"
1980:  Lady (Also contains "You Need Love")
1987:  Styx Classics, Volume 15* (Contains "Light Up", "Crystal Ball" and "Suite:  Madame Blue" but does not have "Lady"
1991:  Styx Radio-Made Hits 1977-1991
1992:  Greatest Hits
1995:  Styx Greatest Hits (Contains "Crystal Ball", "The Grand Illusion", "Suite:  Madame Blue" and a 1995 recording of "Lady"
1996:  Styx Greatest Hits Part 2 (Contains "Rockin' the Paradise", "Light Up", "First Time", "Borrowed Time" and "Superstars"
1997:  The Best of Times:  The Best of Styx
1999:  Best of Styx 1973-1974
2000:  Extended Versions (compilation of live tracks)
2000:  Singles Collection
2001:  Styx Yesterday & Today
2002:  20th Century Masters*
2003:  Rockers (a great compilation release that contains rockers you won't find on other compilations except "Crystal Ball".  Tracks on Rockers include "Miss America", Shooz", "Midnight Ride" and "Snowblind".
2004:  Come Sail Away--The Styx Anthology* (2 discs--this is my recommendation--contains nearly all of the essential Styx recordings.)
2005:  The Complete Wooden Nickel Recordings (2 discs--very worthwhile for Styx fans who can't find the early albums.  "You Need Love" is available elsewhere but "Father O.S.A." and "You Better Ask" are only available on this.)

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