Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Singles by the Box Tops

1967:  "The Letter" (#1--one of the Top Songs of the Rock Era)
           "Neon Rainbow" (#24)
1968:  "Cry Like a Baby" (#2)
           "Choo Choo Train" (#26)
           "I Met Her in Church" (#37)
           "Sweet Cream Ladies, Forward March" (#28)
1969:  "I Shall Be Relased" (#67)
           "Soul Deep" (#18--one of the Underrated Songs of the Rock Era)
           "Turn On a Dream" (#58)

1970:  "You Keep Tightening Up On Me" (#92)
           "Let Me Go"
1971:  "King's Highway"
1972:  "Sugar Creek Woman"
1973:  "Hold On Girl"
1974:  "Willobee and Dale"

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