Friday, April 22, 2011

Songs on Volume One Album by the Traveling Wilburys

What a fun project it must have been for George Harrison, Bob Dylan, Tom Petty, Jeff Lynne and Roy Orbison to get together and do an album.  The group actually would go on to release three albums of material.

It was an incredible effort, a surprise that took the music business by storm.  How it came about was Harrison was in Los Angeles to record the B-side of a 12-inch single.  Lynne was also in L.A. to help out Orbison and Tom Petty with tracks they were working on.  The three of them were having dinner, and Harrison told the other two that he needed help recording the new track.  They were glad to help, but needed a studio on short notice since they wanted to record it the next day.  Bob Dylan had a home studio in Malibu and he agreed to have them come by for the session.  After dinner, Harrison stopped by Tom Petty's house to pick up his guitar and invited Tom along as well.  The next day, the five stars wrote and recorded "Handle With Care" in five hours and all five sang vocals.

When finished, it was obvious to all that the song was too good to be a B-side that would probably never be heard.  It was then that Harrison brought up the idea about forming a band.  On the spot, all five agreed to record another nine songs for an album and in May, they recorded the vocals. 

They came up with the whole Wilbury brothers theme and the group would consist of Nelson (Harrison), Lucky (Dylan), Charlie T. Jr. (Petty), Lefty (Orbison) and Otis (Lynne).  The real names of the five superstars would never appear anywhere on the songwriting credits, liner notes or anywhere.

As anyone would expect from an album with that kind of talent, it was an amazing collection and highly successful as one of the top albums of all-time.  It spawned five hit tracks, there is not a bad song on the album, which was top five album all over the world and won a Grammy Award.  Here is the song list:

1.    "Handle With Care"
2.    "Dirty World"
3.    "Rattled"
4.    "Last Night"
5.    "Not Alone Any More"
6.    "Congratulations"
7.    "Heading for the Light"
8.    "Margarita"
9.    "Tweeter and the Monkey Man"
10.  "End of the Line"

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