Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The #43 Album of All-Time in the Rock Era--"Invisible Touch" by Genesis

We have revealed 57 albums so far in the countdown of The Top 100 Albums of All-Time in the Rock Era*, bringing us up to #43.

It was by most accounts the album of the year for 1986, and it represented the pinnacle for Genesis.  The group had been around for a long time before this album (Invisible Touch was the group's 13th album), but everything was clicking for the group here.  The album reached #3 for two weeks and spent 26 weeks in the Top 10.  Genesis remained on the album chart or 85 weeks with this album, that has now topped 6 million copies. 

The sales and chart statistics are admirable, but what earns this album a spot in the list is the substantial airplay and Track Rating* of 9.19.  Both of those factors were off the chart for a Genesis album.  "Invisible Touch", "Throwing It All Away" and "Land of Confusion" were huge hits, no doubt helped by the exposure from their music videos.  "Land of Confusion" was nominated for Video of the Year. The use of  "Tonight, Tonight, Tonight" in beer commercials probably didn't hurt either.  "In Too Deep" was a big hit among adults.  "Anything She Does" is a quality track as well and long-time Genesis fans will love "Domino"--both received airplay on album stations.

Additional praise was heaped on the album at awards shows.  "The Brazilian" won the Grammy for Best Pop Instrumental Performance and "Land of Confusion" naturally won a statue for Best Concept Music Video.  Genesis was also nominated for Favorite Group at the American Music Awards.

Invisible Touch:
(All music by Tony Banks, Phil Collins and Mike Rutherford.)

Side A
1.  "Invisible Touch" (lyrics by Collins) --3:27
2.  "Tonight, Tonight, Tonight" (lyrics by Collins) --8:53
3.  "Land of Confusion" (lyrics by Rutherford) --4:4
4.  "In Too Deep" (lyrics by Collins) --4:58

Side B
1.  "Anything She Does" (lyrics by Banks) --4:07
2.  "Domino" (lyrics by Banks) --10:42
      --"In the Glow of the Night" --4:27
      --"The Last Domino" --6:15
3.  "Throwing It All Away" (lyrics by Rutherford) --3:49
4.  "The Brazilian" --4:49

Genesis was:  Phil Collins on drums percussion and lead vocals, keyboardist Tony Banks and Mike Rutherford on bass and other guitars.

Invisible Touch was recorded at The Farm in Surrey, England from October of 1985 to March of 1986.  Hugh Padgham and the members of Genesis produced the album.  It was released June 9, 1986 on Atlantic Records.

Genesis lands at #43 for All-Time with Invisible Touch.

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