Sunday, June 12, 2011

Discography: Eagles

One of The Top 10 Artists in the Rock Era* have one of the best track records around--they have accomplished a lot with relatively few albums and singles (just six studio albums through 1976 and seven total and 23 single releases).  In fact, of The Top 10 Artists of the Rock Era*, only CCR has less studio albums.  What they are best known for are great records and phenomenal concerts, but there are numerous "hidden gems" found on the albums below.

1972:  The Eagles (#22)
1973:  Desperado (#41)
1974:  On the Border (#17)
1975:  One of These Nights (#1)
1976:  Hotel California (#1)
1979:  The Long Run (#1)
2007:  Long Road Out of Eden (#1)

Live Albums:
1980:  Eagles Live (#6)
1994:  Hell Freezes Over (#1)

1976:  Their Greatest Hits 1971-1975 (#1) --the all-time top-selling album; the box set is by far the best choice by if you just want the hits, this one and the one below are obviously the ones to get.
1982:  Their Greatest Hits Volume 2 (#52)
1985:  The Best of the Eagles
1994:  The Very Best of Eagles
2000:  Selected Works:  1972-1999 (Box Set)
2001:  The Very Best of the Eagles (#3)
2005:  Eagles
2003:  The Very Best of Eagles

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