Thursday, June 16, 2011

Five Best Songs: Donna Summer

Summer was one of he premiere artists of the late 70's and early 80's.  She had one of the best voices of the Rock Era and set a rock record for the longest-held note on "Dim All the Lights".  Donna is featured in today's edition of Five Best Songs.

1.  "Hot Stuff"

2.  "Last Dance"

3.  "MacArthur Park"
4.  "Dim All the Lights"

5.  "Bad Girls"

Three specific songs that you should be aware of from Summer that weren't huge hits.  The first was one of her early minor hits before she became a superstar:

I Love You 

The second is "(Theme) Once Upon a Time" from her album of the same name.  There are two versions--one is an uptempo disco number but the one of note is a ballad, which some say is her own story.  It is dynamite.  Unfortunately, there are no YouTube videos with the song, but definitely one to check out on her album.

The third is another ballad, this one from the Bad Girls album:

On My Honour

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