Sunday, September 23, 2012

Another Great Unknown/Underrated Song of the Rock Era--"Love Can Move Mountains"

This song is from the incredible self-titled Celine Dion album in 1992, still one of her best career albums.  It was of course early her career and she released this single, which only made it to #36 in the United States and similar positions around the globe.  By the way, kudos to Canada for "getting it" about this song--they heard the message and recognized the talent, and took this song to #2.

The song remains as one of the great Unknown/Underrated Songs of the Rock Era*:

"Love Can Move Mountains"
Celine Dion

Words and Music by:  Diane Warren

There ain't a dream that don't
Have a chance
To come true now
It just takes a little faith baby
Anything that we want to do
We can do now
There ain't nothing in our way baby
Nothing our love couldn't raise above
We can get through the night
We can get to the light
Long as we got our love to
Light the way
With a little faith
Just a little trust
If you believe in love
Love can move mountains
Believe in your heart
And feel, feel it in your soul
And love baby love can
Move mountains

Ocean deep and mountains high
They can't stop us
Because love is on our side baby
We can reach the heavens and
Touch the sky
Just believe it, believe in you and I baby
If we got love that is strong enough
We can do anything, make it
through anything
'Coz through it all love will always
Find a way

With a little faith, , ,

You believe in me
I'll believe in you
If we believe in each other
Nothing we can't do
If we got love that's strong enough
Love will find a way

With a little faith

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