Tuesday, December 23, 2014

You Talked Us Into It!

Because of the great response that The Top 100 Artists of the Seventies* is getting, Inside The Rock Era will feature another of our signature music specials next year during The 60th Birthday of Rock & Roll.

This one is a monumental one, The Top 100 Artists of the Rock Era*.  As you can obviously tell, the artists of the 70's were amazing.  But how do they compare with the artists of the 60's, and the 80's & 90's and beyond?  To make that list, a few hits or a few good albums won't be nearly enough.  In fact, you need to be a star for multiple decades to place high.

So after this special is done and put to bed, we will begin work on The Top 500 Songs of the Rock Era*, which will start on the day that Bill Haley's "Rock Around The Clock" was released as a single.  Actually, the first time, it didn't catch on--our special will begin the day it was re-released.

Then after that, we'll begin the painstaking research required to bring you The Top 100 Artists of the Rock Era*.  It will be an amazing year on Inside The Rock Era, and we hope you'll join us!

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