Monday, March 23, 2015

Prelude to The Top 500 Songs of the Rock Era*: "Layla" by Derek & the Dominoes

We are putting the finishing touches on the brand-new updated version of The Top 500 Songs of the Rock Era*, which will be presented May 21.  We hope to finish work on putting the special into book form, and will certainly be filling you in on details of that later in the year.

The 60th birthday of the Rock Era is approaching, and the early fragments were already beginning to take shape in 1955.  Coming up on Tuesday, the 60th anniversary of the opening of the movie Blackboard Jungle, in which the unrelenting "Rock Around The Clock" made a second appearance on the big screen.  It was that movie which spurred the rebirth of the song, and paved the way for virtually all of our musical memories the last 60 years.

As we get ready for the spectacular Top 500 Songs*, we thought it a good idea to feature some of the best songs just outside the list, and you can count on that for the remainder of the month.

Eric Clapton wrote this song about the woman he stole from "friend" George Harrison, Harrison's wife Patti Boyd.  Together with the group he called Derek & the Dominoes, the original version of "Layla"...

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