Friday, April 3, 2015

Calendar* Correction: Sonny & Cher Movie 'Good Times'

Several websites claim that the Sonny & Cher movie Good Times premiered on April 7, with one website reporting that it opened on May 12.  While the movie opened in different cities on different dates, the world premiere was April 11 in Austin, Texas.  There is an original review of the movie which appeared in The Chicago Tribune on April 24, 1967, so that discounts the May 12 date as being the national or world premiere.  The April 29, 1967 edition of Billboard says that "Sonny and Cher returned to Hollywood last Sunday (April 16) after a week-long Texas tour at openings of their new film 'Good Times'."  This refutes the April 7 date, since a week-long tour that began on Monday April 10 and ended April 16 could not have included April 7.  

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